Bill Gates reports that Microsoft has been 'banished' over relationships with female employees

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Bill Gates, who announced his resignation from Microsoft's board in 2020 and ended his 27-year marriage in May 2021, said, 'Gates was actually banished from the board. That's what the overseas media reports. At the time, Microsoft was investigating allegations that Gates had misbehaved against female employees in response to employee complaints.

Microsoft Directors Decided Bill Gates Needed to Leave Board Due to Prior Relationship With Staffer --WSJ

Bill Gates Had Reputation for Questionable Behavior Before Divorce --The New York Times

Gates, the founder of Microsoft, stepped down from CEO in January 2000 and assumed the post of chairman. After that, in 2014, he retired from the chairmanship and remained an officer as a technical advisor. After retiring as CEO, Gates was focusing on philanthropy, but in March 2020, he announced that he would resign from the board of directors. Meanwhile, Gates continues to be CEO Satya Nadella's technical advisor after resigning.

Microsoft announces change to its board of directors --Stories

At the time, Gates' resignation from the board was described as 'to focus more on charity.' However, foreign media outlets, including the New York Times, have reported that 'in fact, Mr. Gates was requested by the board to resign.'

According to sources from The Wall Street Journal, the board is investigating Gates' improper relationship with female employees in 2020, during which Gates will retire later this year. He came to the conclusion that it should be done. However, Gates allegedly announced his resignation after the investigation was completed and before the board made a formal decision on Gates' women's issues.

A Microsoft spokeswoman said in 2019 that Gates was about to have an intimate relationship with a female employee in 2000 and set up an investigative commission by an outside law firm. During that time, Microsoft provided a great deal of support to the employees who made the report. '

Meanwhile, a Gates spokeswoman said, 'This issue ended amicably 20 years ago. The resignation from the board has nothing to do with this issue. In fact, his interest is in that number. For years I've been moving on to spending more time on philanthropy. '

Gates has announced that he will divorce his wife Melinda Gates in May 2021. Gates did not explain the reason for the divorce, but his wife Melinda French was arrested on suspicion of prostitution and mediation, as well as insufficient investigation and explanation of Gates' relationship with female employees. It was reported that he was concerned about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. A Microsoft board member explained that the meeting between Gates and Epstein was about philanthropy and nothing more.

Epstein died in custody after his arrest.

Experts talk about the unnaturalness of Jeffrey Epstein's death, who committed 'mysterious suicide' while in custody on suspicion of prostitution mediation with the president and the royal family.

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