What is the charm of the motor sports "Formula E" that changes the future?

Formula EIs an electric carFormula carIt is also described as electricity F1 from its shape in the race by. Regarding the appeal of Formula E,Virgin RacingI will serve as a driverSam BirdMr. Sylvain Philippi who is Mr. and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) are talking on YouTube.

Accelerating the Car of the Future - YouTube

"The world is constantly changing"

"Technology is essential to accelerate this change."

"I am Sam Bird, a driver of an electric racing car," Mr. Bird introduced himself and is challenging to run a test car.

"Formula E is a single-seater car race championship, but it is an electric car competition to the last," said Philippi who explains the characteristics of Formula E.

Mr. Bard talks about Formula E about "the coolness and pleasure of electric cars, and the opportunity to feel the future" will be given ".

Mr. Philippi explained that "There is no such place that emphasizes technology so much in motor sports," he says Formula E is technology-oriented motor sports.

"For this reason, this racing car can be said to be a computer with wheels."

"We not only make hardware such as motors, inverters, car bodies ......"

"We also needed to develop a lot of software."

"In fact, in order to enhance the performance of electric racing cars, we need to consider more than 100 points."

Mr. Bird said "To solve these problemsHewlett-Packard (HP)Partnership with the company was important. "

"Thanks to HP's IT solution, we were able to reduce the time it took data from the car to the engineers from two to ten seconds," said Philippi, HP's technical capabilities to improve machines It has revealed that it brings about a big effect.

"There may be people thinking that" It may not change as much as two or ten seconds, "but it is very important to shorten any unproductive time even slightly."

"Formula E is deeply involved not only as sports, but also on our lives"

"The know-how and technology gained in the race, in particular, will be applied to actual cars, which will lead to higher-performance, lower-priced cars on the market.This will result in solving environmental problems There is a possibility of connecting, "Mr. Bird said, and he points out that Formula E is not just a motor sports.

Mr. Philippi explains that "speed is important" in order to win in Formula E.

"This is not the speed of the machine itself, how smoothly the team runs, how quickly we can apply the new technology to racing cars", and Formula E is not just a car race , There seems to be an aspect of application race of the latest technology.

"This is the reason why Formula E is important, it also serves as a" trigger "to change the future," Mr. Bird tells us and concludes the movie.

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