I tried "Chocolate mint taste" that refreshes that caramel cone "Lemon squash taste"

As a caramel cone for early summer only "fresh flavor of early summer"Chocolate mint flavor"When"Lemon squash taste"Has appeared on June 4, 2018. I challenged the caramel cone "chubo mint" and "lemon squash" to say "I am cool and refreshing ♪" "Shuwashuu starts popping!

Newly released refreshing flavor of limited period early summer "Caramel Corn Chocolate Mint Flavor" "Caramel Corn Lemon Squash Taste" | East Hato Corporation / News Release

The left is "chocolate mint flavor" of caramel cone, right is "lemon squash taste" (122 yen for each tax).

Both are "limited-fresh flavor of early summer" for a limited time.

"Caramel cone / chocolate mint flavor" (122 yen tax) is a mint color package.

Contents amount is 77 g. Raw materials are chocolate main ingredients "Cacao nib"contained.

The energy per bag is 442.6 kcal.

When you move it to a plate, there is a scent that chocolate and mint have combined. Furthermore, it seems that the sweet scent of chocolate has a slightly stronger presence than the scent with a refreshing feeling of mint. Chocolate can be seen in spite of being based on mint color Because caramel corn has a strong impact on the appearance, "Caramel corn chocolate mint flavor" on the plate was drawing attention of editorial staff It was.

"Chocolate mint flavor" smells Sue and mint into the gentle sweetness of chocolate. If you eat crispy at first, you will not smell much mint, but a mild cool and refreshing mint flavor and aroma of linty mint will drift a little. When you eat normal caramel corn, the scent of a good corn drifts in your mouth, but "Chocolate mint flavor" is replaced by mint for the scent of corn drifting in the mouth. In addition, I feel that the presence of mint gradually becomes stronger as we eat a lot of "chocolate mint flavor".

Next, "caramel corn · lemon squash taste" of lemon color package (122 yen tax).

Contents amount is 77 g. You can see that raw materials contain "lemon powder" as an eye-catching one.

The energy per bag is 416 kcal.

When you move it to a plate, there is a smell of lemon reminiscent of refreshing acidity. It looks like a normal brown caramel corn, and it is a yellow lemon color with a slight whitish appearance.

"Lemon squash taste" is crisp and mouth, the sweet and sour taste and aroma of lemon, then the feeling of Schwaszwa and moisture of the tongue penetrating into the snack. Finally it was an exciting finish that felt the aroma and sweetness of caramel corn.

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