"MacOS Mojave" announced, dark mode appeared in the UI, enhanced security functions, and planning a cross-platform with iOS application development

The latest OS for Mac "macOS Mojave"ButWWDC 2018It was announced in. In addition to the addition of a dark theme that many requests were requested for a long time, not only was the automatic organizing function of the desktop "stack", Finder's update etc. announced. The public beta is delivered in the summer of 2018, and the final release is scheduled for autumn.

Apple Events - WWDC Keynote, June 2018 - Apple

Next about Mac.

Tim Cook will re-appear here.

"MacOS" that supports Mac ... ...

It will evolve into "macOS Mojave".

The dark theme is available in macOS Mojave.

A design based on black which is unknown to Mac. Also, the design of the Mac App Store will change.

A function "stack" that automatically organizes files on the desktop is installed. When you place a file on the desktop, it is automatically sorted to a folder dedicated to the file type, you can browse by clicking the folder.

The Finder has been updated, it seems that there will be plenty of actions that can be performed on the file, such as displaying file metadata in the Finder's window, or grouping multiple files into PDF.

The screen shot function has also been enhanced.

You can shoot screenshots with movies. Also, the live wallpaper function called "Dynamic Desktop" showing changes according to time was also installed.

Furthermore, it is possible to cooperate with iPhone camera.

It is now possible to process photos taken on the iPhone on the spot.

In addition, security functions such as data processing methods of applications are also enhanced.

Safari's privacy function is also enhanced. You can disable social buttons and comment sections and shut down sites using cookies.

Here, it also refers to the framework.

Metal, Apple 's computer graphics API, and Core ML, a framework for machine learning.

Metal's available devices exceeded 1 billion units.

About eGPU which can attach GPU externally to 13-inch MacBook Pro.

By adding eGPU to the 13-inch MacBook Pro, the processing speed becomes explosion speed.

Improvement in processing capacity by eGPU can also be applied to machine learning.

In addition, a new tool called "Create ML" for simple and efficient machine learning training on Mac was also announced. Even without knowledge of machine learning, it will be able to train visual and natural language models.

Core ML 2, which is a machine learning application for iOS devices, has also been announced.

Core ML 2 is said to be 30% faster than ever.

Also, it seems that you can compress machine learning model size by 75% at maximum.

And the question "From here on is" Sneak Peek (pre-release) "is displayed with the word" Is there planning to integrate macOS and iOS? "

Apple's answer to this question is "No". The venue was surrounded by burst of laughter at "No" displayed on the full screen.

Apple has a platform called App Kit for the development of macOS App, UIKit for iOS development, WebKit for web development, and Metal for game development.

AppKit and UIKit are independent.

Apple plans to enable a new cross-platform port. It will be possible to integrate the elements of iOS's UIKit framework into macOS and use it like the AppKit framework.

This cross-platform porting is the first stage under development and Apple announced that it will be released for developers in 2019.

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