Google I / O 2018 developer key keynote found in 5 minutes, movies with condensed vast new features and updates on public

Google developers event "Google I / O 2018"Was held from May 8 to 10, 2018. In addition, what was announced at Google I / O 2018 is that of YouTubeGoogle DevelopersIt has been uploaded by, and it is possible to check the contents. However, even one announcement alone is over 30 minutes, it is hard to check all the contents. So, Google released a movie that condensed the contents released at Developer Keynote held on the first day in five minutes.

Google I / O 2018 Developer Keynote in 5 minutes - YouTube

"Hi, everyone, today I will talk about the new features and updates Google releases, which will help you develop the platforms and tools you use everyday."

"I am excited to announce you a new Android application development model."

"This is a new API" Android Jetpack "to accelerate Android development"

"Jetpack is a set of libraries and tools, and Jetpack'sAPIIsIDEIt is integrated with ... .... "

"Android StudioIt can be used in. "

"this is,Android Slicesis. This tool has many templates, which can be easily applied to the application you are developing. This makes it possible to shorten the time it takes to design the UI. "

"Jetpack works with 95% of Android devices"

"From today, you can customize your actions"

"The Action Links we announced this time is a hyperlink that can be used to guide users to voice operations from anywhere."

"When this feature is enabled, Action Notifications will also notify you of new features and content."

"It is also possible to link with smart speakers etc."

"Google has updated Lighthouse to 3.0 so that we can identify the cause of the decline in website performance with greater accuracy"

"AMP content provided by Google is also making a big evolution. Currently, all AMP contents that can obtain various benefits such as speeding up page loading use the URL of" " "

"However, it is also true that there are websites that can not introduce AMP with this specification, so we modified it to work with the original URL using a new standard called Web Packaging."

'Google expands Chrome OS ......'

"Provide developers with the ability to run Linux applications safely on Chrome OS"

"That means that you can run many of your favorite tools, editors and IDE on Chromebooks."

"We will announce 'Material Theming' which is a major update of material design '

"And we released two new tools for efficient design and implementation"

"This is" Material Theme Editor. "This tool is useful for designers when customizing material themes to their own."

"And what is displayed on the screen now is a tool that Google's product team uses to confirm the design"

"TPU processor is now available to everyone"

"From this URL, you can start using it easily"

"Google has released a beta version of the ML Kit, which is a machine learning functionFirebaseTo mobile developers throughSDKis"

"By using this kit it will be possible to predict user behavior and change the behavior of the application.For example, if you decide that the possibility of abandoning the game is high, the game automatically becomes difficult It will be possible to lower the degree and give notice. "

"ML Kit can be obtained from Firebase"

"We will publish ARCore's major update, which will enable us to have a more immersive interactive experience than ever before."

"In addition we have developed Sceneform, which Scenform is designed for Java developers and makes it easy to create ARCore applications."

"The new feature of ARCore Augmented Images allows you to paste AR content into a real world physical image"

"Cloud Anchors allows multiple devices to view and manipulate AR content at the same time using the cloud"

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