ARM announces the new CPU "Cortex - A 76", not only for smartphones but also for Windows notebook PCs and automatic driving cars

A major semiconductor company, ARM, has introduced a new mobile CPU "Cortex-A 76We announced. With overwhelming performance improvement, Cortex-A 76 is fully usable for Windows 10 notebook PC.

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"Cortex-A 76" evolved the traditional big.LITTLE technology "DynamIQ technology"Based on the latest high-end CPU, maintaining the power efficiency of the smartphone, it will realize notebook class performance.

The performance of Cortex-A 76 is 35% higher than the previous model Cortex-A 75, the power efficiency is increased by 40%, and the machine learning performance is quadrupled and the performance is greatly improved.

In the performance comparison with Cortex - A 73, the score of the benchmark software Geekbench has improved significantly by 1.9 times in SIMD calculation and 2.5 times in floating point calculation.

It is 2.1 times with simple performance and 1.9 times even under the limit of 5 W of power consumption, which means overwhelming evolution is realized. In addition, at the presentation, ARM says "Cortex - A 76 is still within the size of Intel 's Skylake CPU core even if it has a larger cache, and Skylake CPU is approaching 10% by IPC performance difference" However, whether the process node scaling correction or notAnandTechSays.

It is expected to be used not only for mobile terminals such as smartphones but also for Windows 10 laptop PCs, IoT terminals, and automatic driving cars.

Terminals adopting "Cortex-A 76" manufactured by TSMC's 7 nm process are expected to be introduced to the market in 2019.

Cortex - A 76, a CPU whose performance evolved significantly,The new GPU "Mali-G 76", the new VPU "Mali-V 76"According to ARM which announced ARM, these IPs are expected to realize further advanced mobile terminals in the next generation mobile high-speed communication "5 G" era.

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