A movie carrying a real engine on a "Barbie car" playing with children playing and performing a musical performance is on sale

Barbie doll"Barbie car" which is wearing is sold for children's playing equipment in sizes with which the child can make a mistake. A movie that carries a real engine in such a barbie car for children, and freely travels on YouTube has been released on YouTube.

Real Engine in a Barbie Car!

The original Barbie car is a car like this. It is normal for a small child to get on and move it by pushing it, but do an interesting workGrind Hard Plumbing CoThe member of the barbie car was modified and equipped with an engine and that things.


The Barbie car put on the pickup truck carrier has an engine attached to the front that does not match the pretty coloring of pink color. More than half of the engine protrudes from the hood because the engine is too big for the Barbie car.

Member 's man moves by pushing Barbie car, but it seems that men' s footsteps seem heavy though no one is on the ride.

The engine mounted on the Barbie car is an off-road motorcycle manufactured by Honda "Honda · CRF"It is 240cc air-cooled single cylinder engine removed from 230F series. The engine on the front is equipped to improve the balance of the car body.

Barbie car itself is diverted second hand, but it is said that car tires have been exchanged in order to load the engine.

Barbie car is an open car, but the driver wears a helmet for safety.

When you start the Barbie car engine ......

Blow up at a stretch of public roads. It is a speed feeling beyond imagination.

The small Barbie car seems to be small turning, and it is also handy with small slalom runs.

When I steal the handle quite well ......

It is also possible to rotate with a slight width of the road as drift.

It rotates continuously with Kurukuru.

The driving scenery from the driver's point of view is like this. Barbie car is very narrow as it is for children, feels that the legs fit within the car.

Barbie car which decides continuous drift while smoking from the tire. I do not think it is the same as a Barbie car that children are playing around.

From the stopped state ......

Accelerate at a stretch. Because it is finished in a very light car body, power is enough even for an off-road bike engine.

The side of the road is a cliff and we are watching the scene crossing the Surere with drift.

The Barbie car shining in the sunset seems to be reborn as a different existence from when she was carrying the child any longer.

A Barbie car that has been running fast from the front ......

Drift at once.

However, the Barbie car slips toward the cliff ... ...

It stopped just like falling down from the cliff.

From the driver's perspective ...

Cliff was just behind the stopped rear wheel.

Photographer shouting with excitement as "Wow!"

After a long drift, it was just about to fall from the cliff.

"It was a place to die soon", and the driver seemed to have been enjoying the best thrill.

Other members also looked under the cliffs and said, "If you fall from here, you'll die indeed."

Regarding the ride quality of the Barbie car, "It is really noisy when I am around, it is dangerous instead of power steering, so I can not use it in my daily life as expected".

Barbie cars are so heavy that they can easily be put on the carrier of the pickup truck if lifted by three people.

Although it is a barbie car with an engine which became a car body too excessive, it was a finish that I would like to try once if safety can be secured.

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