"Evolution theory" is about to disappear from textbooks, because the cause is "inconsistent with the Bible"

Educational guidelines were reviewed in the state of Arizona, USA, textbooks "Theory of evolutionThe description about 's going to disappear. There seems to be a Bible existence contradictory to evolution theory as a cause.

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In the US, educational systems that allow independent education for each province are adopted, and the state has the right to decide which textbook to use in the class. Therefore, "regionality" may be reflected in the content of textbooks.

Arizona states new educational guidelinesDiane · DouglasThe editor - in - chief offered it, and the content of the textbook was reviewed by 30 educators in accordance with this guideline. As a result, the description concerning "the theory of evolution" which was included in the conventional textbook was deleted, and the expression itself was also changed such that "evolution" was replaced with "change over time".

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Changes in "educational standards" that are reflected in the content of textbooks do not seem to stay beyond the wording level, for example "Gather and communicate evidence on how the process of natural selection is an explanation of how new species can evolve.Natural selectionEducational goal of collecting and conveying evidence that new species evolve by "is" providing evidence on the processes by which a species may change over time in response to environmental conditions. It gives evidence of changes that may occur in seeds due to environmental changes. "This may affect the scientific understanding of the process of evolution of educated students.

The reason why the educational standards that excluded the theory of evolution was created is that many educators involved in the creation of Douglas Education Director and textbooks are Christian "EvangelicalIt belongs to belonging to. For the evangelical faithful who wishes to be true to the Bible, evolution theory contradicting the content of the Bible "God created creatures" is unacceptable, this view of religion is reflected at the educational level This is the problem of this time.

The value of respecting others' faith is of course important, but there is a big argument as to whether religious ideas should be given preference to scenes contradictory to scientific knowledge. For publishers who want to sell many textbooks as much as possible throughout the United States, the criteria of textbooks in large states such as California and Texas, for example, can be regarded as a very serious problem, whereas smaller Arizona states There seems to be a reality that the contents of textbooks are not so noticed.

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