The possibility that cultural and social differences are engraved on DNA as one of genetic information proved

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All living things, including humans, have a genome in the body that is responsible for biological genetic information. The information is held by the structure of genes, but in reality its function has been influenced by various factors, and the expression of genetic information including themEpigeneticsResearch is proceeding in the field of. Research conducted in this field has revealed that there is a phenomenon that seems to be only influenced by factors such as the society and culture inhabited by human beings in the work of the genome.

Cultural differences may leave their mark on DNA - Science Bulletin

The research team of scientists from the University of California, San Francisco, is equivalent to "annotation" of information, among the information that DNA possessesDNA methylationWe carried out detailed research on. DNA methylation is part of the DNA sequenceMethyl groupIt is a phenomenon in which genomic sequence itself does not change and there is a function such as controlling gene expression which genetic information appears in cell structure and function.

The research team investigated the state of DNA methylation for a group of children of various Latin ethnic groups. As a result, hundreds of differences between the Mexican and Puerto Rican groups were confirmed, but only three quarters could be explained as being caused by heredity from the ancestors, the rest clearly being clearly attributed I could not find it. The research team is asked about this difference in different experiences, customs, in the living environmentEnvironmental exposure"Biological stamps" by other means, such as the fact that it may be reflected.

ByVictoria Pickering

This discovery understands how social, cultural and environmental factors in different groups of ethnic groups influence the genetic features and create a difference in the situation (health outcomes) that medical care gives to health The paper states that there is a possibility that it may help to do. Dr. Noah Zaitlen, a coauthor of thesis and associate professor at the University of California, San Francisco said, "These data are based on race and ethnicity as a social concept and genetic ancestry as a biological concept It suggests that the interactions are more complicated than we have ever understood, from the medical viewpoint these factors give valuable information. "

It is said that researchers and people who are involved in medical care are experiencing different race and ethnic groups who are suffering from diseases and responses to medicines. In addition, standard clinical trials may show very different results. Differences in health among race and ethnicity are influenced by such factors as eating different meals, living in areas with some pollution, experiencing various poor people, differences in the rate of smoking cigarettes There is a possibility that there is a possibility. Dr. Zaitlen says, "Many of our research is sorting out how genetically the health differences between groups are, or how much they depend on the environment."

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Differential methylation between ethnic sub-groups reflects the effect of genetic ancestry and environmental exposures | eLife

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