"Chile" of the moon turns out to be extremely dangerous for the human body and may also damage the DNA

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You can see how the astronaut's feet "Chile" flying up by the feet of the astronauts when looking at the image when the human race descended on the moon surface in the Apollo project. Chile of the moon which seems to be nothing to change from the appearance, Chile of the moon is completely different from that of the earth from the latest research, and the possibility that influence to the DNA level of the cell of the human body is affected It is clear that it is extremely dangerous that there is.

Assessing Toxicity and Nuclear and Mitochondrial DNA Damage Caused by Exposure of Mammalian Cells to Lunar Regolith Simulants - Caston - - GeoHealth - Wiley Online Library

Moon Dust Could Give Astronauts Permanent DNA Damage, Study Finds

I went to the moon with a rocket "Apollo 17" launched in December 1972Harrison SchmidtAstronauts are carrying out the moon walking in the mission, and as of May 2018 it is the last person who left footprints on the moon. Mr. Schmidt suffered a considerable amount of moon dust in the lung when returning to the residential area of ​​the moon landing ship after finishing the moon walk.

Then, Mr. Schmidt stopped tears all day long after that, he was in a state that the throat was bad and the sneeze stopped. Mr. Schmidt seems to call the situation "lunar hay fever", but in fact this symptom is not due to allergic reaction like hay fever, but very fine chile that exists in the moon It was revealed by the latest research by the research team of the State University of New York at Stony Brook that there was a possibility that it might have been influenced by.

Chile, which is present on the surface of the moon, is almost all produced by collision of meteorites. Also, since there is no air or water in the moon, we will not weather while we get on the wind or get struck by the waves like the Earth. As a result, the moon dust is very sharp and the surface is gritty like an abrasive.

ByNASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Also, because the meteorites are constantly falling in the moon due to the absence of the atmosphere, the surface of the moon is always charged with static electricity. Just like an experiment that makes hair stand upside down using the underlay, on the surface of the moon, fine chili is drifting in the air owing to static electricity and weak gravity. Of course, the astronauts do not inhale dust that drifts in the air directly in order to do extravehicular activities wearing space suit. However, after returning to the space ship after the activity, it is considered enough to suck dust adhering to the surface when taking off space suit. And research has revealed that various influences appear at the cell level when creatures inhale this dust.

ByNASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The research team will prepare five kinds of moon dust based on substances on the earth, such as volcanic ashes of Arizona State and lava dust collected in Colorado Province, and investigate what kind of influence it will have did. Chile is classified into three groups based on its graininess, and it is observed when each is adhered to the cultured lung cells and mouse brain cells collected from the human body.

When observing the appearance of the cells 24 hours after attachment of chilli, it was confirmed that brain and lung cells were killed in all three groups. Among them, Chile, whose size is several microns, is the most aggressive, and 90% of the cells are being killed. Also, it has been confirmed that DNA has been damaged even in cells that were not destroyed, and if this DNA damage is left unrepaired, it will also lead to cancer and neurodegenerative diseases later .

The research team says in the paper that "It is clear that it is important to prevent moon dust from being inhaled in future space exploration." In December 2017, President Trump of the United States plans to change its policy and send mankind to the moonGive me a goinIn the future, it is believed that mankind's space advancement will advance mainly in America, Russia and China. NASA is conducting research to cope with such problems, and research on methods such as "Electrodynamic Dust Shield" that completely eliminates the moon dust by electromagnetic force is being studied.

Electrodynamic Dust Shield for Space Applications

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