Jigsaw puzzle "the Infinity Puzzle" where you can play forever without horn pieces

Speaking of a jigsaw puzzle, there are many people who think that they first find a piece corresponding to the corners of the four corners, compare the completed picture and a small picture drawn on the piece, and gradually approach closing to completion. However, in the design studioNervous SystemThere is no corner piece, a jigsaw puzzle that can be connected forever "the Infinity Puzzle"Was developed.

the Infinity Puzzle: a new kind of jigsaw puzzle | Nervous System blog

The Infinity Puzzle continues to tile consolidationtopologyIt is a new jigsaw puzzle influenced by a thoughtful idea. Because it aims to combine pieces continuously, there is no such thing as "corner piece" or "completed shape", it can be assembled in thousands of ways.

The trick puzzle where there are multiple assembling methods seems to be a highly artistic puzzle made by skilled craftsmen from long ago, and the Infinity Puzzle also makes the most of the playfulness of the puzzle.Mathematical model of crystal growthBased on the cut was calculated based on the parts of the wooden plate is cut out by the laser cutter.

The orthodox the Infinity PuzzletorusIt is designed based on the annular face of, and it is designed to firmly be addicted to where anyone moves whichever part moves.

The Infinity Puzzle does not have a finished picture, but you can make geometric patterns by combining multiple color-coded puzzles, and you can freely make pieces and create various shapes.

Also,Hubble Space TelescopeThe picture of the galaxy captured by the image is a pattern "the Infinite Galaxy PuzzleA puzzle called "Puzzle" is also being produced.

Draw a beautiful galaxy You can see the movie that assembles the Infinite Galaxy Puzzle from the following.

the Infinity Puzzle

The Infinite Galaxy Puzzle has pictures of fantastic galaxies.

Parts with special shapes can be freely changed in shape by combining them along the pattern.

There is no fixed end in the photograph of the galaxy drawn in the puzzle. It is impossible to see the entire galaxy at once, and if you want to see the whole galaxy, you need to move the part from right to left or from left to right.

All 133 pieces of the Infinite Galaxy PuzzleKlein's vaseIt is based on a special drawing that does not have a boundary or a distinction between the front and back sides.

In the piece included in the Infinite Galaxy Puzzle, there seems to be a special piece such as an astronaut, space shuttle, artificial satellite.

The Infinity Puzzle is a set of 51 pieces of $ 40 (about 4400 yen), and a set of 102 pieces containing 2 kinds of different color puzzles is $ 75 (about 8200 yen). The Infinite Galaxy Puzzle can be purchased for $ 123 (about 13,000 yen) in all 133 pieces. It is said that the shipping cost depends on the weight and the delivery destination. To Japan, it costs 36 dollars and 50 cents (about 4000 yen) up to 4 pounds (about 1.8 kg), and when it weighs more, it costs about 40 dollars It has become yen).

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