"Kansai Committee 52" Participating Circle Necessary Works Summary

Creator's manga dolls created by drafters and readers of doujinshi together Art exhibition doujinshi exhibition spot sale"Kansai commitier 52"Will be held at INTEX Osaka No.2 Building on Sunday May 20, 2018 (Sunday) 11: 00 ~ 15: 30.

This time 1000 clubs are supposed to participate, the price of the catalog is as follows.

Also, there is a mysterious character on the cover of this catalog.

As for what this is this, it has the following origin.

Also,"Kansai Committee Charter""To the people of the general participants [readers]" is written as follows, so keep this in mind when deepening your understanding of the event.

The commitier is held as a stage where [Drawing Hand] brings his work and presents it, as a place of communication.
[Drawer] is casting a message through the work.
You are that important recipient.
You accept it, take a look, read it, and rate it to you.
I do not want you to praise me.
I want you to buy a book, I do not want you to write a letter.
I want a straightforward, serious response.
I do not buy books, do not buy it, do not read / do not read, I put words on · It is up to you to evaluate.
If there is something that responds to your heart against the work that [Drawer] has drawn so hard, I would like you to treat me with seriousness that I can not lose to [drawing].

So I roughly picked up the focused work and tried it together.

According to the description of the official website, "The Kansai committee is currently operated by volunteer staff of about 20 people.As a result of scale expansion in recent years, manpower shortage is serious .... a little better so we can help you We are looking for people who are neighbors and distant people! "We are also recruiting volunteers as below.

In addition, for books submitted as sample magazines can be read carefully in a quiet environment, those who want to study by seeing works of circle and other circles who are not in the space in the space on the day of the spot sale, Thinking sample magazine reading meeting is "My Dome Osaka 3rd Meeting Room", 11: 00 ~ 18: 00 on Saturday, June 23rd, 2018 and Sunday, July 29th, 2018 11: 00 ~ It is scheduled to be held twice at 18:00.

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