Appeared a hero who built the ultimate gaming PC environment that can play comfortably any game over 3,300,000 yen

Sites that are usually testing various gadgetsUnbox Therapy"Lewis Hilsenteger is a popular online battle royal game"Fort KnightAs a result of getting caught, I want to play Fort Knight more comfortably, so we spend 30 thousand dollars (about 3 million yen)Ultimate gaming PC environment"We built it. Hilsenteger said,YouTube channelSo, I release the state in the movie.

The ULTIMATE $ 30,000 Gaming PC Setup - YouTube

"I am going to show off because I made a special gaming chair at Maji," Hilsenteger says excitedly.

Hilsenteger first got itIMPERATOR WORKSofIW-R1In the gaming chair with the reclining function called,Amazon.comNew items are handled at a price of 3600 dollars (about 400,000 yen).

"Based on IW - R1, I've made the ultimate gaming PC environment that I've never seen before so let 's show it from now and I am amazed.

The ultimate gaming environment created by Hilsenteger remodeling IW - R1 is like this. IW-R1 which was based on white as a whole was painted black, and the part of the chair has been replaced with a seat which is more exclusive.

The installed central monitor is LG42.5 inch 4K compatible display.

On the left and right, LG's 24-inch display is installed vertically one by one.

There is a PC on the back of the seat.

The biggest cost is the PC, and the total amount is about 20,000 dollars (about 2.2 million yen). The PC case is made of Phanteks with aluminum body and tempered glassEnthoo Elite, The CPU has 18 cores and 36 threadsIntel Core i9-7980XE, ASUS's graphic boardR.O.G. STRIX-GTX 1080TI-O 11 G-GAMINGInsert two cards. In addition, it has 128 GB of memory, 480 GB of storage SSD and 2 TT HDDs. The CPU and graphic board cooling system are all converted to water-cooled type, and the two tubes visible on the right of the image are coolant reservoirs (water storage devices). With this spec, it seems that almost any problem will be able to operate in any game that is present.

PlayStation 4 Pro is placed on the left of the PC, and it is connected to the 4K display with HDMI in parallel with the PC.

Switching input of 4K display with remote control ......

The screen of PlayStation 4 was displayed. Since the screen of the PC is output to the left and right 24 inch display, you can play on PlayStation 4 while doing other work.

On the right side of the seat there is a rack with confectionery such as cookies and potato chips ......

In addition, a refrigerator with a logo of Coca-Cola printed is placed on the left of the seat.

If you want something to eat and drink while playing the game, you can procure sweets and cola while sitting on the seat without having to go to the kitchen.

Since the light is on the inside of the monitor arm, you can secure enough light around the seat even at night.

Hilsenteger cuts out the logo of INPERATOR WORKS and pastes it although the light is equipped on the back of the part where the monitor is attached.

You can use the reclining function with the button on the control panel on the seat armrest.

The part where the keyboard and the mouse are placed is electrically opened and closed.

In addition, the monitor part can be opened and closed up and down by control with a motor.

The footrest that puts feet is also movable. Furthermore, since the footrest also has a built-in vibration function, he feels tired feet with massage to overheat the game.

When the defeat of the sheet, since the monitor arm also move in conjunction, it does not have that screen becomes difficult to see.

All peripheral devicesSteel SeriesOf things. According to Hilsenteger, the Steel Series is also a sponsor for taking this movie, and on the keyboardM750Is adopted.

The headset is a sealed headset of the Steel SeriesArctis Pro + Game DAC. By using Game DAC, you can switch lines and adjust volume at your convenience without having to operate from PC, making it easier to concentrate on games.

Hilsenteger sits on a special chair and plays Fort Knight. By playing on a wide screen using three monitors, information such as maps and weapons will be displayed on the left and right monitors and you can concentrate on the central 42.5 inch display and play. With the highest image quality setting, it is possible to play Fort Knight at 80 fps or more.

"I can not imagine a better place in the world than this seat.It will cost a lot to build this PC environment, but sitting on this seat will certainly be a truly special experience," Hilsenteger said I have commented on it.

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