'Human pictogram 2.0', a pictogram with unusually detailed content that can be downloaded for free and can be used for commercial purposes

The design of materials and handouts is a problem, but Mr. Dayama of Topecon Heroes, the creator of ' Balloon Design ', said, 'If you want to go home early, let's finish the work quickly and go home.' We publish pictograms that can also be used. 'In most cases, pictograms are used for signs such as public transportation and barrier-free, so many of them have a serious atmosphere and are a little uninteresting, so we decided to increase the variations such as silly poses. You can enjoy the contents of the pictogram, which is too pinpoint, just by looking at it.

human pictogram 2.0 (free person pictogram material 2.0)

Uncategorized pictograms are displayed in a row on the top page, and you can check 'What kind of pictograms do you have?' From the button at the bottom of the page.

An example is like this. From heartwarming scenes such as 'children rowing on a swing' to pictograms that explain too pinpoint scenes such as 'backache pictogram 2' and 'can't afford to keep a pet'.

Click on the pictogram that says 'This looks like it can be used'.

Then the following page will be displayed. The material is available in AI format, JPG format, and PNG format, and you can download pictograms in your favorite file format. There are multiple variations of pictograms, but you can download them all at once by clicking 'Illustrator AI'.

When downloading pictograms in JPG / PNG format, select the one you want to download from the multiple variations available. Click 'PNG' this time.

Then, the variation of the prepared pictogram will be enlarged and displayed. In the pictogram 'Queen who controls S and M, part 2', the queen who is about to hit M with a whip right now ...

The moment you hit

It looks like a candle is hanging.

It looks like you are stepping on it with your foot.

There is also a pictogram with a simpler design for the Queen.

It looks like he's hitting with a whip vigorously ...

M is a little runaway.

It was a very detailed depiction, such as the one tied to the back.

If you want to use a pictogram, right-click and click 'Save Image As'.

In addition, at the right end of each pictogram's individual page, eight categories were shown: 'Sports', 'Public & 1.0', 'Business', 'Emotions', 'Women', 'Occupations', 'Interesting', and 'Others'. ..

For example, the interesting system looks like this.

'Treadmill tea ceremony' and ...

'Wow my annual income ...'

There are also pictograms of phrases that are often found on the Internet, such as 'Gandhi also runs up and hits.'

There are also abundant aliens and zombies.

In addition, 'Proposal failure' and ...

'Binge eating fat person'

'School clique'

'A real scary gold ax'

There were also pictograms that were too detailed, such as 'Mari Otoko'.

There are many types of sports. Some represent specific sports such as basketball, pole vaulting, skiing and skating, while others include 'Lipovitan D'.

'Public & 1.0' was lined with pictograms that seemed to be versatile, although they were detailed in terms of depiction, such as 'children who give their seats to the elderly.'

In addition to the easy-to-use items such as 'public relations,' 'business trip,' and 'interview,' the 'business' category ...

There were also small details such as 'rat race', 'tightrope walking part 2', and 'stretching in the office'.

The 'Emotions' category includes 'Iyafooo', 'Rough Hawk Pose', and 'orz'.

The category 'women' looks like this.

There are a lot of pictograms such as Muslims (Muslima) that are likely to be rare and useful.

The 'Occupation' category ranges from relatively common ones such as 'nurse', 'lawyer' and 'movie director' to 'roentgen diagnosis', 'dairy farmer' and 'falconer'.

'Other' is just chaos, with

historical matters such as the Judgment of Paris , 'Discovery of Newton's Universal Gravity' and 'Liberty Leading the People' ...

Pictograms like 'mortgages' were treated in the same line.

You can also download attachment materials that can be used with pictograms.

Attachment | human pictogram 2.0 (free person pictogram material 2.0)


In addition to faces, hats, and hairstyles, attachments ...


Other items etc. There are many types of pictograms alone, but by using them together with attachments, it seemed like I could get the pictograms I wanted.

In addition, 'You can use it for free even in commercial design unless you redistribute the material itself or sell it on the material sales site.' No usage report is required and the detailed license can be read here.

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