"Fukudashi Design" that you can use all 60 kinds of unique callouts for free

Often there are speech bubbles to use when making presentation materials and free papers, but there are many people who are unsatisfactory with speech bubbles contained in software. In such cases it is possible to use WEB production, DTP production, balloon material that can be used for free for documents such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel "Balloon design"is.

Bubble material specialty site "Bubble dash design"

When downloading and using, click on the balloon that you like first.

Images can be downloaded in ai format, png format, jpg format. Select png format this time.

There are 8 variations in a balloon, and clicking an icon changes the balloon.

Type without a box.

A type with a standard frame drawn.

Those in which the inside of the bubble is transmitted.

It feels like American cheeky with the strength of strength of the frame line.

If you go to the bottom of the balloon, the line that goes goes thick.

A slightly handwritten speech bubble.

White star pattern on a light blue base.

Pop dots.

If you want to save the variation you want to save, right click and select "Save image with name" OK.

A representative one out of 60 types of unique design balloons is like this.

Sintern cloud type

Sports balls that are likely to be icons

Loose balloon

Pop irregularity also boils this ball punch

Balloon balloon

A symmetrical explosion blown out

Cute speech bubble


Honk balloon

Puncture balloon

Pop-style balloon with feeling broken

Orthodox speech

Speech bubbles

Caterpillar speech

A slick speech bubble

Punk balloon

Handwriting Wind Horizontal Loud Callouts About 3

Choyant Slime Callout

Harsh speech


Spring Mokomoko festival held

Square standard

Vertical ellipse

Oval standard

Three humps

Handwriting Wind Horizontal Loudspeaker


Longitudinal explosion

Cute bubble


The Standard Round



Whipped cream


Writing handwriting wind horizontally

Loose balloon

Mokomoko balloon 1



It is! It is! It is!


Momojiri man

Reversal type balloon

In addition, although these balloons can be used as design materials for web production, conference materials, proposals, etc., redistribution and sale of the materials themselves are not good.

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