Jeans that the butt's fabric was broken showy into a trend

The design of the jeans has been straying for some timeIt has been pointed outHowever, the jeans where the butt portion was able to be broken gently has appeared on the mail order site and is calling out a topic.

Butt rip jeans are the most terrible jeans trend that we definitely never needed

Butt rip jeans are taking a dumb trend to even dumber extremes

It is the mail-order site called "Pretty LittleThing" that sells ass slap jeans.

Black Distressed Bum Rip High Waisted Skinny Jean | Pretty LittleThing

This is a broken jeans ass. The fabric of the part to protect, ass is roughly broken.

Ordinary skinny jeans from the front.

But ... did you slide too much on the slide from behind? It is broken by aggressively.

Besides black, bright jeans are also treated.

It seems that the direction of damage looks clearer in the light blue color, and maybe it will be all over if it is buried in a little more? And the finish that comes to mind.

This is also ordinary skinny jeans as seen from the front. The price is 25 pounds (about 3700 yen) for both black and light blue. According to PrettyLittleThing, this jean seems to be pointed to "being able to show some skin together with stylish jeans".

This ass broken jeans is a fashion modelKylie JennerIt seems that it originated from the fact that the photograph was uploaded to Instagram in August 2016.

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A picture of a woman who wore ass broken jeans on Instagram is up like this ... ...

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On YouTube, "How to make Kylie Jenner's ass broken jeans with DIY" is released.

DIY Kylie Jenner Butt Ripped Jeans - YouTube

Mail order site "fashionnovaA jeans movie that must be thought of as "where the warfare passed through ..." was posted in the Instagram account of.

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In recent years it has become a hot topic that jeans are evolving extremely and jeans breaking ass is also the end of super-evolution of fashion. However, Rachel Thompson, an IT-based media writer, has made a comment "Looking like you are wearing hot pants and long boots," and raises questions about its necessity.

Photo collection that shows how far jeans have evolved super-evolution - GIGAZINE

Besides this, unusual design pants have appeared, and you can see the stray of fashion.

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