Eskimo 'pino (mint)' new release

It is released nationwide from June 19 (Monday). The chocolate part is semi-sweet chocolate and the inside is mint ice cream.

Please note that this year Pinot is 30th anniversary of release.
For a limited time! New flavor appears on ice "Pino"
Eskimo "pino (mint)"
Notice of new release from June 19 (Monday)

◆ Eskimo "Pinot Mint"

1. I coated a refreshing mint ice cream with smooth semi-sweet chocolate.
2. Enjoy the exquisite balance of mint and chocolate, a refreshing taste.
3. It is a time-limited item perfect for the hot season.
4. A light blue colorful package attracts eyes.

As I recall, I have not memorized eating mint flavored ice cream, so I should try eating it for a moment.

2006/06/22 16:47 Addendum

I tried it.

GIGAZINE - pino (Pino) ​​What is the mint taste of mint

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