I tried "Chicken Ramen Big Cup Wasabi Chicken" that plus "Wasabi" in that Chicken Ramen

Nissin Chicken Ramen"Wasabi" plus cup noodles "Chicken noodles big cup wasabi chicken"Has appeared nationwide from May 14, 2018 (Monday). I actually tried to eat compatibility between wasabi and chicken noodles.

"Chicken Ramen Big Cup Wasabi Chicken" (released on May 14th) | Nissin Food Group

This is "chiken ramen big cup wasabi chicken" (221 yen including tax). In a Japanese style design, there is a phrase "Charcoal Grilled" on the product name using brush stroked fonts for wasabi color stripes. Add ingredients such as chicken baked with charcoal fire and egg and add color to the website if it is finished richlyDescriptionIt has been.

On the top of the lid is "special wash wasabi" that "horseradish" was used as an attachment. Originally, as a little addition menu to add to chicken noodles, wasabi was said to have been popular from "chicken ramen" fans.

The content is 91 g. Notation of raw materials, of course contains wash wasabi (wasabi processed). As other quickly you can see that there are "flavored chicken" etc.

Calorie is 400 kcal per 91 g of meal.

When turning over the lid, you can see that the quick green onion is fragrant, it contains other flavored chicken and flower-shaped fish paste that adds color.

Cooking start. Remove the special kneaded wasabi on the lid, pour hot water and wait 3 minutes.

When the specified time comes, turn the lid off. In the scent of soy sauce based chicken noodle, the quick green onion smells.

Pour the wash wasabi in "your favorite amount". At first, I will try putting about a third in waiting wait.

After mixing lightly, I try to eat it, the taste is like "slightly wasabi scented in chicken noodles ... ..." and I can not feel the difference with normal chicken noodle much.The harshness of the wasabi is weak against heat, and when heated it disappears in flavor and bitternessIt seems to be from.

That's why I brought in all the special kneading wasabi.

Then she transformed into chicken noodles with wasabi. Appetite boils with a refreshing wasabi scent. Even if you put all the special kneaded wasabi, there is not much pain to make as wasabi, so it feels like you can enjoy the flavor of wasabi even for people who are not good at it.

As quickly, it is a pleasant place where ingredients such as chicken with chicken and green onions rice grown.

The wasabi which makes the soup of soy sauce based chicken noodle is perfect.

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