The pictures taken of the F1 race at Game Boy's "Pocket Camera" are distinctive taste

2018 held at Shanghai International Circuit on April 15, 2018China Grand PrixOf F1 fans who watchedTim BinnionSaid, "Game Boy's game cartridge has a digital camera attached"Pocket camera"I took a picture of the race and I can take pictures of a unique texture.

I Shot the Chinese Grand Prix with a 0.016 Megapixel Game Boy Camera from 1998 - Album on Imgur

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Formula 1 Fan Took A Game Boy Camera To A Race, And The Photos Are Fantastic

"Pocket Camera" is software for Game Boy released in 1998, with a digital camera attached to the game cartridge. In a pocket camera, it is possible to take only 14336 (vertical 112 × 128 horizontal) pictures with 4 monochrome gradations. Mr. Binnion seems to have never played with Nintendo's handheld game machine, but I purchase Gameboy Color and Pocket Camera from Christmas in my 2017 Christmas. The reason for purchasing a Pocket Camera is that,Artists to take pictures with pocket camerasBecause I knew that there was and was interested.

This is Game Boy Color & Pocket Camera Binnion purchased. The one on the right that is shown together is the zoom lens for smartphones purchased for attaching to a pocket camera and the white object placed second from the right is a 3D object for attaching the smartphone lens to the pocket camera It seems that it is an attachment output by a printer.

Since the performance of the pocket camera is as described above, it is very difficult to shoot a formula car running at high speed. However, Mr. Binnion got a ticket of the spectator seat near the exit of the hairpin curve, so I successfully captured the moment when the speed went down.

Pictures taken by Binnion with a pocket camera are as follows.

A state of a formula car coming through a hairpin curve

Enlarging with zoom lenses

I ran through it as it was.

I have taken several more photos.

Safety car-like appearance is also taken.

The figure of a photographer taking a picture of a formula car was also reflected.

Monument of "F1"

Binnion also publishes pictures taken with a pocket camera on his own Instagram account as follows.

With the aid of a $ 10 smartphone zoom lens and a 3D printed lens mount, I managed to snap these at the #Chinese GP last month. 1. Roth! Pretty sure the car in the foreground is one of the @ scuderiaferrari. # gameboy # gameboycamera # blackandwhite # retro # 8 bit # pixntart #retro # nintendo # bw # ninstagram # gameboy # f 1 # formula 1 # f 1 fanpics # mootersport # car # racing # mclaren # mercedesamgf 1 # renaultsport # scuderiaferrari # wtf 1

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