An inference game "GeoGuessr" reviewing the clues to find out where Google Street View is displayed

Gather clues from the streets of Google Street View that are randomly displayed and deduce where you are "GeoGuessr"Is on sale. The process of identifying the location from the atmosphere of the building, the state of the person, the signboard or address of the shop, etc. makes it a game that makes you feel like you got lost in a world you do not know, you can forget the time and be absorbed It is.

GeoGuessr - Let's explore the world!

When you visit the site above, click "SINGLE PLAYER" on the left side first.

Then you will see a strange road on the top of the browser screen. A map is displayed on the right side of the screen, and we pinpoint the location where this place is located.

The screen operation method is the same as Google street view. I will move the screen by moving it and turn it.

I found something like a flag. French? And I think ....

I found the word "Restauracja" where I went a little. If you think that it is not French ... ... you will find that under it there is written "Zajazd Zamkowy".

Try Google SearchAccommodation of the same nameDiscovered. Promptly investigate the address, pierce the corresponding point on the map in the lower right and press "MAKE GUESS".

You will be asked to sign up or log in, but if you want to go through, click "Skip ad and continue the game" underneath.

Then, it was shown that the correct answer was 734.1 m away from the place where the pin was stabbed. The score is 4998 points. If you expand the map a little more and designate a small place, the score is likely to be higher. Click "PLAY NEXT ROUND".

Unlike before, an urban atmosphere.

Looking around round and round, I found something like an address.

As I expanded it was written "HAMONSTRAAT".

If you go further, it seems that it is near the part where "HAMONSTRAAT" and "MAASEIKSTERAAT" intersect.

When I looked it up, there was a corresponding part in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Click on the intersection of "Hammond Street" and "Mars Aike Street". It was relatively easy to draw an answer.

It seems that the point where I stabbed the pin was quite close to 9.7 m until the correct answer. The score is 5000 points. I will go further.

Then, again, to a peaceful place.

Nothing that seems to be a clue even looking around.

The car seems to be Volkswagen, but it is not a hint ... ....

The letters are too small to distinguish ... ....

"I'm completely lost ... ..." and will continue to tech.

I found the first townspeople in a place that advanced considerably, but there is not anything that seems to be a clue here either.

Going further, I found something like a store.

Because Cyrillic letters are written, Russia may predict that it is .... However, I did not find anything even if I searched for the word "AarkEK CAHДPA".

While I was somewhat lonesome, I found a signboard with a phone number.

When I tried Google search, I got information that it is a food processing plant. I feel that it matches also from the picture of the signboard. Since I also had an address, I looked it up and it seems that I am in Russia's "Novokuznetsk" place.

Where the rough place of the place arrived, we decided to proceed further in another direction. Click the flag icon on the left side of the screen to return to the starting point.

When I was walking in a different direction from the previous one, I found a track. That means there must be a station! And as I follow the track ... ...

I found something like that.

It seems that it shows the name of the street "Maroesutayana".

In addition, since there is a compass needle on the left side of the screen, I will keep track of the direction of the starting point. When you pin up, click "MAKE GUESS".

Then it was shown that the error is 352.2 m. The score is 4999 points. I will proceed to the fourth question.

It was already very easy to understand that the American flag fluttered from the start point, "America ... ...."

Even from the fact that the basketball goal is standing, "America is ... ...."

Because there is a camper car "America is ... ...."

But where is the specific place? I do not quite understand it. The street's name is also "62nd AV" "177th ST" and it seems to be anywhere.

I found a character "Highland AV" where I went a little. As a result of searching, there was a street with the same name in Massachusetts.

However, when I saw highland AV in Massachusetts state on the map on the lower right, I found that the image does not agree with Street View in a city-like atmosphere with restaurants and facilities.

why……? While seeking further hints, wandering.

Then, it is "177th ST" that intersects with "Highland AV", and I realize that Massachusetts State has no street of the same name. Again searching in "Highland AV" and "177th ST" ...

Actually I found that there is a place with the same name near Chicago. Because the street names are the same, I assumed that I misunderstood and seemed to have gotten stuck in a swamp. Pin a pin in the right place and press "MAKE GUESS" ......

It turned out to be 23.5 m until the correct answer. This is also a full score of 5000 points.

To the problem of the last. For a moment, is it a warm place in America? I thought, but there are atmosphere of Asia somewhat in building, road pavement, plant and so on.

As I go down the slope, it is the word "Cactus Rd" "Cactus Cre".

Going further, there is a building called "FLORA VILLE" ......

There was the word "Seletar Garden Grande Vista".

I searched and found a pattern of places in Singapore. Surely those who hang out are also in Singaporean atmosphere.

We found two streets called Cactus Road and Cactus Crescent. Hit the pin and click "MAKE GUESS".

The distance to the correct answer place is 28.6 m and it seems to be said that it is a pretty good line. This completes all 5 questions, so clicking "VIEW SUMMARY" ... ...

With this kind of feeling, the five places we visited this time were shown on the map. Even without registration, you can enjoy one-player play like this, but you need to register in order to time out or play against friends. So I will click on "SIGN UP NOW".

When you register your email address ......

The following e-mail will be sent to the registration address. Click "Click to complete your registration".

Enter your favorite password and click "CREATE".

This will display the following My Page. The place cleared on this page will be displayed, but it seems that the place cleared before registration will not be counted. Therefore, it is better for people who want to record data register from the beginning.

When you click "Brouse maps", in addition to the "World" you played earlier, a game specialized for "Famous Place (famous place)" was also displayed. Try pressing 'CHALLENGE' in World ......

With this feeling, you can set your own time limit. Set it to 5 minutes 30 seconds this time and click "NEXT".

Since the URL is displayed, you can also fight against friends by sending this URL to your friends. When you share the URL with your friends and play "START CHALLENGE" game ......

It will compete as to which one was close from the correct answer as follows.

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