A survey result that money will be paid for "not working" as salary increases

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According to the 2017 survey conducted by the US Department of Labor, nearly 50% of American workers with high incomes receive top 10 paid holidays compared to the top 25%, while paid salaries out of the lower 25% It turned out that it was about one tenth that I acquired a vacation 10 days. Although it may be expressed as "a lot of salary but a busy work" or "a little salary but an easy work", it is shown that as the salary increases, money tends to be paid for "not working" I will.

Paid holidays: Number of days provided

Paid time off: Workers in the US with the highest salaries also get the most paid vacation - Quartz

The number of paid days of "Revenue Top 25%" is as follows. Below 5 days, 2% is almost none, the most common is from 8 to 10 days, 43%, and that which has paid over 10 days is 29%.

"Top 25 to 50%" will increase the proportion of "less than 5 days" a little, still 8 to 10 days are majority.

In "Lower 25% to 50%", the layer with the highest number changes to 5 to 7 days.

And when it comes to "lower 25%", about half of the days taken for taking holidays will be 5 to 7 days, and those who have paid more than 10 days are about one sixth of the top 25%. The proportion occupying 5 days or less is nearly 10 times.

When the inequality of salary is told in the United States, the existence of paid vacation is an element that tends to be overlooked because of "It does not appear in statistics of household income". However, if paid vacation also exists as a difference between rich and poor in the United StatesDaniel KopfHe insists.

In addition, in December 2017 "(PDF file)Overview of Heisei 29 Working Conditions General SurveyAccording to "the paid rate of acquisition in Japan is 18.2 days on average for one worker, the average acquisition date is 9.0 days and the acquisition rate is 49.4%. The tendency of somewhat below 50% is from 2001It has not changedHowever, in the United States where the right to obtain annual paid vacation is not guaranteed by the law, it seems that the toughest condition continues in the developed country only.

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