The world's first nuclear power plant floating in the sea "Academic Lomonosoff" completed

Floating on the sea, which was being advanced in RussiaFloating nuclear power plant"Academic · Lomonosoff"Construction is completed. We will move the hull to Murmansk from now on and loading of nuclear fuel will be carried out.

The world's only floating power unit 'Akademik Lomonosov' takes the sea

Russia launched a floating nuclear power plant this weekend | Ars Technica

Construction of "Academic Lomonosoff" started in 2009. In 2010 the hullLaunchHowever, there was bankruptcy of the shipyard, the plan was greatly delayed, and it was finally completed in ninth year from the start of construction. Two nuclear reactors are installed as power stations, and the power generation output is 70 MW.

The hull leaves St. Petersburg on Saturday, April 28, 2018, escapes from the Baltic Sea to the North Sea, towed from Scandinavian Peninsula from west to north and is towed to Murmansk. After installing nuclear fuel in Murmansk, in 2019 via the Arctic Ocean Passage, the port city in the eastern tip of Russia and the Chukchi Autonomous RegionPeavekIt will be operated as "the northernmost nuclear power plant in the world".

Before arrival of "Academic · Lomonosoft" in Pevek, it is said that development of facilities to keep mooring is underway.

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