We have watched the projection mapping World Tournament prologue in Huis Ten Bosch that displays 4K images in a palace with a width of 110 meters

At the theme park "Huis Ten Bosch" in Sasebo City, Nagasaki prefecture where the projection mapping world event will be held in March 2019, the prologue event "1 minute Projection Mapping in Huis Ten Bosch"Will be held from April 29th (Sunday) to May 20th (Sunday) in 2018. On April 28, which is the day before the event, a public review panel of 16 works selected from the 123 submissions was held, so what kind of project mapping at the world competition level is actually going to see It was.

Projection Mapping World Tournament ~ 1 minute Projection Mapping in Huis Ten Bosch ~ | Event Schedule | Huis Ten Bosch Resort

Projection Mapping World Competition - Prologue - | Events & News | Huis Ten Bosch Resort

I came to Huisten Bosch.

Huis Ten Bosch is a theme park reproducing the cityscape of the Netherlands.

The bicycle Kingdom of the NetherlandsAs a motif, there was also a bicycle walking around the theme park. Four-seater rides are the most popular and when I was walking in the park I saw a lot of families and couples that moved across 4-seater or 2-seater bicycles.

We use seawater pulled from Omura bay as a canal as it is.

The Projection Mapping World Tournament Prologue will be held at the Palace Huisten Bosch, which is at the back of the theme park.

Go through the gate and go through the tree-lined street ... ...

A huge palace jumped into my eyes. Parece Huisten Bosch said that it had faithfully reproduced the existing Dutch palace with special permission from the Netherlands royal family. The width is 110 m, and 16 projects selected as this canvas will be screened in this projection mapping world competition prologue this palace Huis Ten Bosch.

RICOH THETA VIt looks like this picture taken in front of Palace Huis Ten Bosch.

Post from RICOH THETA. -Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

There was a big toe behind the hall.

When looking carefully on the top of the tower, a huge number of projectors were arranged.

By the time the sun was over and the palace was lighted up, a lot of people who watched the Projection Mapping World Competition Prologue sat on a chair or lawn and waited for the event.

At 19:30, projection to the Palace Huisten Bosch began, and the World Competition Prologue was declared.

The work to be screened this time is made on the theme of "HANA". In addition to "flower" HANA also includes "gorgeous" "glow" meaning.

When holding the World Competition Prologue, Mr. Kotaro Takada, Director of Huisten Bos Co., Ltd., gave a speech.

One piece is about 1 to 2 minutes, and applause and cheers sound to Palace Huistenbos every time the screening ends.

After the performance of all 16 works finished, announcement of winning works. It was "Archi_ymph" by Antaless Visual Design in Italy that won the Grand Prix superbly. Unfortunately the production team did not come to Japan, so the judging committee will accept on behalf of the judge.

The Grand Prix work "Archi_ymph" can be seen in the following movie.

【4K】 Grand Prix work "Archi_ymph" Antaless Visual Design - YouTube

It was "Luna" by AVA Animation & Visual Arts of Mexico that wrote the semi-Grand Prix as a motif of "Female Life".

You can tell what kind of work "Luna" is in the movie below.

【4K】 Second Prize Grand Prix "Luna" AVA Animation & amp; Visual Arts - YouTube

Although the judges' prize was originally one frame, it was not easy to select all the high-level works, so this time two works, "Masks" by FAB Asia in Hong Kong and "Asagao" by Hotaru Visual Guerrila in Spain I received the award.

Jury Prize Work "Masks" FAB Asia - YouTube

Jury's Prize Work "Asagao" Hotaru Visual Guerrila - YouTube

It was "Light Rhapsody" by Los Romeras of Spain who won the Huisten Bos award.

Huis Ten Bos Award Work "Light Rhapsody" Los Romeras - YouTube

Also, it was "SMILE" by Decide Kit Co., Ltd in Thailand, which was selected as an audience prize by public votes from the audience. The train that runs and the flower of colorful lotus were unique and impressive.

The state of the train which runs around narrowing the wall of the palace can be confirmed in the following movie.

【4K】 Audience Award Work "SMILE" Decide Kit Co., Ltd - YouTube

In addition, I was able to interview the representatives of Mexico's AVA Animation & Visual Arts who won the semi-Grand Prix and the representative of Decide Kit Co., Ltd. who won the audience award.

Interview with the semi-Grand Prix winner
Mr. Pedro Narvaez of the semi-Grand Prix Mexican AVA Animation & Visual Arts representative

Congratulations on winning the Second Prize Grand Prix.

Pedro Narvaez:
Thank you!

How long was the production period of this work "Luna"?

Pedro Narvaez:
In about four to six weeks, it was able to proceed smoothly without big trouble.

At the conference, the theme "HANA" was set up, and it was that the work of AVA Animation & Visual Arts was the concept of a woman's lifetime. There were other works in which females appear as one of the motifs, but I think that it was only the work of AVA Animation & Visual Arts that it is clearly stated that it is a concept. What was your intention?

Pedro Narvaez:
Of course there is a part that women are put on "flowers", but that is not the only one. I always thought that the world of projection mapping and works still have a strong male color. Therefore, based on the theme of HANA, there was certainly a desire to make a work appealing more to the existence of women.

I see. Are there any future goals?

Pedro Narvaez:
I currently have a base in Mexico but in fact I am planning to make a branch office in Toronto, Canada. I hope to increase the scale of the company and make an active appearance on the world more.

That's great! Please do its best!

Pedro Narvaez:
(In Japanese) Thank you!

◆ Audience Award recipient interview
I also talked to Chanpen Koolkaew who is representative of Decide Kit Co., Ltd. who won the audience award.

Congratulations on winning the Audience Award.

Chanpen Koolkaew:
Thank you very much.

How long was the production period?

Chanpen Koolkaew:
It's about a month.

Looking at this work "SMILE", I was robbed of colorful flowers that appeared with lotus flowers and trains. Especially the lotus flowers appearing at the beginning seem to be decorations of Buddhist art, I think that it was a familiar work for Japanese familiar with Buddhism.

Chanpen Koolkaew:
Thank you very much. In the temples of Thailand, lotuses of lotus flowers are linedly arranged, and we handle the theme of "HANA" and incorporate the decoration of the temple as a motif. The part "Bridge of culture between Japan and Thailand" is strongly conscious of myself because I love Japanese culture. One of them was the inclusion of directing images of origami at the end of the work.

The production of the last origami had something very impactful, coupled with Japanese "Hajimeima" that appeared with the Hinomaru. Is this your first visit to this year's world prologue?

Chanpen Koolkaew:
In fact, I have been to many times. I like Japanese culture very much, so I often come playing. Please do come to Thailand.

In fact, looking at this work, I am more interested in the country and culture of Thailand than in the past.

Chanpen Koolkaew:
I would be happy if you say so.

Thank you very much for your busy schedule today.

Chanpen Koolkaew:
Thank you very much.

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