Clearly the Amazon Prime membership finally exceeded 100 million people

Prime video becomes unlimited with 400 yen per month or 3900 yen per yearTwitch PrimeYou can get games for free every month and Amazon's paid member service that offers various benefits is "Amazon Prime"is. Amazon's Jeff Bezos CEO reveals that the number of such Amazon prime members finally exceeded 100 million people.

Amazon's Bezos Says Company Topped 100 Million Prime Members - Bloomberg

Jeff Bezos reveals that Amazon has over 100 million Prime subscribers - The Verge

Published at Amazon's annual shareholders' meeting held in mid-April 2018 "It was written to the shareholders from Bezos CEOletter"It was revealed that Amazon Prime subscribers exceeded 100 million people. Bezos continues to say, "We will continue investing to meet the ever-increasing number of customers' expectations."

Amazon prime members can make immediate delivery at the time of ordering online, and offer unlimited musicPrime Music, Prime video of video streaming service, photo storage servicePrime Photos Home, Twitch Prime, which allows you to get free games, is a paid subscription service of Amazon that can get various benefits.

Amazon has not announced the number of prime members, so far analysts have guessed figures based on customer survey. Morningstar analyst RJ Hottovy says, "Amazon loses money due to global expansion, but we are able to win prime members around the world." Also, the growth that Amazon now displays in Europe and other markets is predicted to be a further leap in the future, as Amazon resembles Amazon's growth in the US from 2010 to 2014. In addition, "To see the value of becoming a prime member, Amazon is looking at both transportation speed and content.Amazon prime has a retention rate of over 90%, so for investors (Amazon Prime Further focus on focus is important).

According to Bezos CEO, 2017 ship more than 5 billion items to Amazon prime members around the world and also succeeded in acquiring more new prime members than last year. In particular, it also revealed that sales of hardware were particularly strong in 2017,Amazon Echo became the biggest hit in Amazon hardware historyIt seems to be due to.

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Such Amazon also was forced into intense price competition over the hegemony of the $ 800 billion (about 86 trillion yen) food market with Wal-Mart, and President Donald Trump said, "Amazon does not pay taxes and retailers I hurt you, I take away my job from the post officeMouths sufferAnd I am faced with a new threat. However, it seems that there were no mention of these in the annual general meeting of shareholders.

In addition, Amazon also reveals that "median annual income of Amazon employees other than Bezos CEO" is $ 24,446 (about 3 million yen). This is a figure including salary of people working in warehouses with a large number of employees and is stated in the annual power of attorney submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States. It also lists the amount paid to Amazon executives including Bezos CEO as a salary, totaling 1.68 million dollars (about 180 million yen), median annual income of 80,840 dollars (about 880 Ten thousand yen).

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