I tried to eat "Honey Mustard Chicken Salad udon" which was put on a Udon with Honey Mustard salad with fried chicken udon noodles

Put chicken fried chicken and salad on top of udon and put on sweet honey mustard "Honey Mustard Chicken Salad udon」Has appeared on April 16th (Monday) in" Sanae Udon "of the Sanuki Udon Chain as a limited-time menu. This salad udon collaborated with an idol group and developed with the theme of "delicious, healthy, clean". Because the compatibility of "Udon & Honey Mustard" combination became an insanely complicated thing, I actually tried it.

Menu that got first place by fan vote is decided! = LOVE "Honey mustard chicken salad udon" sale ~ salad udon of Ikorab's beauty and health sticking commitment ~ Hanamaru news 2018 | Hanamaru Udon

I arrived at the Noodle udon.

There is a banner that informs the appearance of a new menu in front of the shop. Honey mustard chicken salad udon, idol group= LOVEA collaboration menu with (equal love). = LOVE Popular vote from among the four new menu candidates umen recommended by the member, ranked 1st in fan votingAcquisitionIt is this salad udon that newly appeared. Order such a honey mustard chicken salad udon immediately.

Honey mustard chicken salad udon (small size: 590 yen including tax) arrived in less than 2 minutes from the order. In addition, the "small" size is one that used one udon of udon. When plus 100 yen, you can change to "medium" size (690 yen including tax) using 2 udon noodles.

Salad udon is served with served chilled boiled noodles, served in a fashionable pasta plate shaped container. The size of the instrument is like this when compared with iPhone 7 with long side 13.8 cm.

The instrument is deeply something.

When I first saw Honey Mustard Chicken Salad udon, I had the impression that not "Udon" but "ordered a large salad"? All the ingredients that are used as toppings are plenty of honey mustard, so when you approach it you will have a sweet scent.

Fried chicken with fried chicken ......

Boiled tomatoes ......

Shoots of radish and carrots, and sunny lettuce. There are plenty of street vegetables named "Salad Udon". The amount of sunny lettuce is a regular menu of udon noodlesKokuma Horse Salad UdonIt is said that it has made more.

Lemon fillets are offered in separate dishes, you can also eat fruit juice as you like.

The deep-fried chicken is provided as a udon toppingthingSame as. According to Nodomaru Udon's website, the use of deep-fried udon and honey mustard was a popular sweet in New York, USA, placing plenty of maple syrup on a waffle with fried chicken,Waffle chickenIt is because it developed it with reference to. When eating, the sweetness of Honey Mustard and deep-fried chicken are perfect with a sweet and salty combination. The modest acidity and harshness are accent of the taste. It is a pity that fried chicken is not warm because it was put on udon which was shimmed with cold water, but as it is it has become a sufficiently soft texture.

Tsuyu is a seasoned sweet with modest salt.

It seems that noodles grew from salads as they picked up salads and picked up noodles with chopsticks.

Noodles are thick and slippery. There is Koshi with a noodle that was chewy and chewy as it rubs. It enters the stomach with breezy soup and bite.

Plenty of vegetables are perfect with honey mustard with a shabby texture.

I tried to eat it with lemon juice because it was tasted as it was.

The fresh acidity becomes a stimulus and the balance becomes much better. It feels close to a chilled Chinese soup and it seems to be able to eat even on the day when appetite has fallen, such as summer.

When eating with tomato it seems to be cold pasta and udon, but it feels like Italian. Honey mustard chicken salad udon was eaten with chicken fried chicken, salad and udon noodles.

Honey mustard chicken salad udon is a limited-time menu. It is possible to order at the Naden udon store nationwide except for some. "Small" size is 590 yen including tax "Medium" Size is 690 yen including tax.

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