How to repair a book beautifully, in the case of the Middle Ages

When books are broken or things are broken, sometimes the broken parts are considered as "scratches" and they are thrown away, but "bursts" may be reborn into "beauty" if exploding creativeities. A writer Paul Cooper posted on Twitter about how to repair a book that was taking place in the Middle Ages, and we can glimpse the world at that time.

Before paper became mainstream, what used to be the material of the book was the skin of the animal.parchmentThe material called hair removal is made by tearing the skin exposed to water strongly to the wooden frame, but if there is a scratch during peeling or depilation process the hole will be empty at the stage of stretching the wooden frame. Even parchment with a hole seemed to be used for books, creative restoration was done by the creators.

Because parchment was very expensive, it was never thrown away even if the hole was empty or scratched, and he told me to make cheap books. Some are clerically restored as follows ... ...

Even those that exploited creativity. The hole is repaired with purple and pink thread. The part where the hole is empty in writing the sentence is avoided, and before you write the letter you can see that the hole is already empty.

The point of creating individuality and beauty by using scratchesGold splicingThere is something in common. Below isVadstena AbbeyOne page of the book which was collected in. The bookWritten in the 14th centuryis. The material of the thread was silk, and the black part was dyed with iron sulfate and tannin, so it was getting brittle.

Using multiple colorsThere are also books that are being repaired.

Jacobs de WoragineEdited byLegenda Aurea(Golden Legend) "one copy of the copy. The vivid restoration is written "It is similar to Zurich's crafts."

One book that was stored in the library in Switzerland has been restored in a different way from the above.

Instead of not being repairedA book that is one of artAlso.

Using a holeRepresenting a faceHaving books.

Too big holeOne part of illustrationIt was becoming.

According to Cooper, it was mainly women who was repairing parchment. It is said that the vivid reprinting of parchment helped spread the text. AlsoBooks written in the 14th century.

From the one way to restore the book, the world of the time was able to be seen a glimpse.

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