Misunderstanding that "children have learning style suited to each other" is widespread worldwide

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"Types that are good at understanding the contents seen with the eyes", "Types that are good at understanding what you heard with ears", people are good at "Learning styleThere are not many people who think that there is. In recent research "The idea of ​​learning style is just superstitionAlthough it is becoming obvious that it is said that, Atlantic explains "the misunderstanding of learning style" that was spread globally.

Are 'Learning Styles' Real? - The Atlantic

In the early 1990s, he was a school visiting officer in New ZealandNeil FlemingWhile visiting over 9,000 classes, while some teachers have successfully approached children, there are quite a few teachers who have not been adequately taught to children I noticed. Mr. Fleming tried to analyze why the degree of achievement of education for children comes out from the side of the educated child, not the teacher side.

Mr. Fleming made a questionnaire consisting of 16 questions, spotlighting what kind of method the student likes when presented with information from others. This questionnaire called "VARK (image, auditory, reading and exercise)" test says, "When you ask a person for directions, do you like to be explained with your mouth or have a map drawn I like to measure what kind of information presentation method the student likes in the way that "Do you like it?"

VARK was not originally created for the purpose of selecting students' learning styles. However, as the VARK spreads, the concept that "learning style suitable for students can be determined by VARK" has spread together with VARK. I do not know exactly why such misunderstanding spread but in the latter half of the 1980s and early 1990s, in conjunction with the spread of the movement "let self-esteem be given to children", "children It seems that the idea that everyone has a unique learning style has spread.

"I'd like to think that education is possible if teachers can find even an appropriate learning style, no matter how difficult the education children are," he says, while he is a doctoral student at the University of Central MichiganAbby NolHe is talking. This is a concept which is acceptable to the teacher and can be thought to the child suffering from being unable to study because "I am not good at studying because I could not receive education with a learning style suitable for me" It is an easy-to-accept concept.


Indiana University'sPaulie HathmannProfessor says, "Either way, most of us tell you that" Learning with images is effective for you "," You learn by hearing is effective "," You read ", about your style of learning I have the experience of being taught. "

In an experiment conducted by Professor Hathmann, he conducted a VARK test on hundreds of students, discriminated each learning style, and let students study based on learning strategies corresponding to each student's learning style . As a result of testing on a group that studied according to the learning style and a group that made studying with a learning strategy unsuitable for his learning style, the group studied according to the learning style got a higher score than the group that did not There was no significant difference to take.

Mr. Noru published in the British Journal of Psychologythe studyThen, for learners thinking that "image memory method is easier to memorize to oneself" and "auditory memory method is easier to memorize to them", memory is actually different depending on images and hearing Although it examined whether it was, it is indicated that there was no difference in the memorized contents. These are only preferences of "like the image" and "likes the sound" and it seems that it is not related to the learning effect.

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He is a psychologist at the University of VirginiaDaniel Willingham"The theory of learning style does not support the theory", children can learn from either image, voice, or letters, children can be discriminated according to learning style, learning of one pattern It is unfavorable to fix to the law.

Despite the lack of scientific backing of learning style, myths of learning style continue to spread. Intuitively, the idea of ​​learning style that can be felt as an attractive idea, coupled with the fact that past studies have been conducted in a way that acknowledges the learning style, more than 90% of teachers around the world in 2014 are " I believe in learning style. "

Willingham said does not have a negative impact on itself that you look for "their own learning style, there is nothing benefits also adopted a learning method in accordance with the learning styles. Everyone have a tool box of a variety of thought to be is, which tool has stated that most or whether there will be a need to look good ", we fear that the children would narrow their potential by learning style.

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Although the VARK test might be suitable for learning about "what kind of learning does yourself do often", it may not help you to learn itself.

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