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Animation production company ·Production I. GWhich is a directly operated store ofI. G store"In celebration of the second anniversary, a gift of" Right to draw a figure in the illustration of the key visual Ghost In The Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX "will be held.

In the IG store I used illustrations by Mr. Isaak Tchaikov as a key visual, and the characters of the Ghost in the Ghost in the illustration came in, but in this project I wrote "Self figure" somewhere in the illustration It is said that you can draw.

Entry period is April 14 (Sat) 0 o'clock - May 13 th (Sun) 23: 59. The application method is to prepare 4 points of "Name" "Age" "Contact (phone number or mail address)" "Hot feeling for the Ghost in the Shell S.A.C."I.G store Official Twitter accountYou can either send it to DM or fill out the application form at the I.G store in Shibuya Marui and post it in the entry box OK. In addition, the election was "9 people" after Public Safety Section 9. It is said that the result will be changed to announcement by contacting the winners.

© Masamune Shiro Production I. G / Kodansha · Ghost in the Shell Production Committee

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

The table salt made from sea water contains minute micro plastic particles that are concerned about health effects - GIGAZINE

A project to dig up to the mantle inside the earth finally starts using the deep-sea exploration vessel "CHIKYU" - GIGAZINE

America's "masterpiece" cruise missile used by successive US presidents · Tomahawk - GIGAZINE

Photo summary of the world's oldest and phenomenal 17 buildings - GIGAZINE

Even though sleeping time is short, what kind of life does a healthy person live in? - GIGAZINE

Land Rover announces the world's first technology to make parts of the body "transparent" - GIGAZINE

I went to see 'real giant giant projection mapping' where real size big super giant appeared Report - GIGAZINE

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I was despised about the taste of femolata oomotobushi beetle | Zazushi.

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Journal school document "memorandum for reporting" found Ehime Prefecture Governor | NHK News

Yanase Former Prime Minister Secretary "Speaking with the prime minister case, can not do it": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Governor Ehime Prefecture, as a memorandum of appreciation to appoint "Prime Minister Project" - Kyodo News

Memorandum, there was no duty to keep it confirmed - Kyodo News

I do not remember the phrase of "prime minister case" - Kyodo News

"This case is the prime minister case" and the secretary-general of the Prime Minister's meeting visit Record: Asahi Shimbun Digital

On April 2015, a staff member of the Ehime prefecture and Imabari city, the cadres executive of the school founded a school corporation 'Kogei Gakuen' in Imabari-shi, Ehime Prefecture, to visit Mr. Yuzezu's prime minister secretary (then) It was found that there was a recorded document that Ehime Prefecture had created when doing. It is stated that Mr. Yanase said that "This case is a prime minister case" at the visit. The Asahi Shimbun confirmed the documents that were going to government officials.

Mr. Yanase's comment full text = Total school: current affairs dot com

As I answered in the Diet, at that time, as a prime secretary I had met many people every day, but as far as my memory is concerned, I met with people in Ehime prefecture and Imabari city There is none.

Mr. Yanase denies meeting with prefectural officials | NHK News

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, said the name is stated in the document when the staff of Ehime Prefecture visited the prime minister's office over the establishment of the veterinary school of the school corporation " About the thing, I gave a comment denying that "I have never met you as far as memory is concerned."

According to the officials, it was found that documents related to the establishment of the veterinary department of the school corporation "Totomi Gakuen" that Ehime prefecture had not explained so far are left, and at that time, the Secretary of the Prime Minister Abe The name of Yanase Economic Industry Councilor who was serving is also mentioned.

The new development prosecution's aim in the Mori murder case is a loan of 2 billion yen flowing to the political circle | Nikkan Gendai DIGITAL

Meeting with A and Abe is September 4, 2015. It is the day Moritomo Side and the Kinki Bureau of Treasure consulted on the processing contents and costs of the underground materials. On the previous day, Abe met with Osamu Director General of the then Director General Ryuto Sakuda at that time, despite being in the midst of deliberation of the Security Law this day, he entered Osaka with the National Assembly in order to record TV programs. On the next 5th, Mrs. Akie won the honorary principal of elementary school. It is a so-called "three days of suspicion".

Reason why Komeito is silent due to Moriho Gakuen problem | Information stall

In the electronic version of Nikkan Gendai (March 8), Mori Tomo Gakuen, whose management is unfavorable, reportedly faced the construction funds of elementary school, but one city bank responded to a loan of more than 2 billion yen. And it tells us that it mediated the loan "speculation that Mr. A is a son of Mr. A who has experienced the ministry." In response to the interview by Nikkan Gendai, Mr. A admitted that "It was true that we had a dinner with Prime Minister Abe on that day," but denied that the mediation of loans was "not at all." This "Mr. A" is Mr. Fuyushiba, and it was seen that he responded to the loan was "Resona Bank" he used to work.

The prime minister who is busy visits Osaka during the Diet deliberations, appeared on TV, and then eats at his shop with a management consultant. It is natural to see as "Because there were important matters." On the day before that, Prime Minister Abe met with Treasury Deputy Director General of the Treasury Department, the next day (September 5), Mrs. Akie gave a lecture at Morigoto Gakuen Management kindergarten to take over as honorary principal of elementary school. This is why I am told "three days of suspicion".

If the key person is the son of Mr. Fuyuba, the former Diplomatic Conference, Komeito lawmakers will not feel like asking the Diet or the Osaka Prefectural Assembly. With this, the question to one of "inexplicable things" will be solved. The fact that the evaluation of the land in question was done not by a private real estate company but by the departure agency of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Osaka Aviation Bureau is also convincing if we consider "Fuyushiba people".

Abe Cabinet "Support" 38% "Not Supported" 45% Reversal NHK Survey for the First Half Year | NHK News

Aso Finance Minister, 800 million discount illegality denial Morihito school problem: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Nomura Real Estate employee's death from overwork, Kato Atsushi Minister who admitted for the first time: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Tokyo Newspaper: The Cabinet Office has asked "Strategy Special Zone Proposal Total Party" from "Official Residence": Society (TOKYO Web)

Pushing a large dump truck into Yoshinoya, carrying a driver Odawara: Asahi Shimbun Digital

China's tutoring seat, announcing the reduction of tariffs on automobiles within the year Emphasis on openness of the economy

"80% of shopping will be cashless in the future" Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry recommends | NHK News

Corporate bankruptcy increased for the first time in nine years Impact of severe manual shortage, etc. | NHK News

The number of bankruptcies surpassed that of the previous year is the first time in nine years since FY 2008 when the Lehman shock occurred.

By type of industry, "Service industry" increased by 6%, while "Retail" increased by 3.8%.

Keidanren Chairperson "I really can not stand as a citizen" | NHK News

"Perhaps going out again" South Sudan Daily report, unstoppable "Discovery": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Coverage of Vanuatu military base in China, one government denied negative picture International news: AFPBB News

Nuclear regulatory agency officials lost documents lying false reports lies | NHK News

It tells "I do not exist" three days after discovering the Ground Self Defense Force daily report | NHK News

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
A society where pregnancy and childbirth are only "sin": a noble castle

10 to 20 generations, "I do not want to buy a car" Over 50%, interest in rental and share - Sankei news

Surprised by Takoyaki, Hogan "NG controversy in the bullet train ... It is too weak for" customer's complaint "| Nikkan SPA!

On the day my husband takes the ADHD medicine consultant for the first time - System science course in

It worked well from the first day.

The things that my husband has been able to do with what he was unable to do so are as follows (talks with his husband).

· Be prepared beforehand
· Information entered without ears, pretending to be heard in conversation with me disappeared
· Pointers and the like are words, words of conversation etc, instructed by the other person, I understand what the targeted thing is
· Options will come to mind when making actions
· Once I read the sentence, I got to enter my head and I no longer need to read back again
· You can withdraw without feeling angry even if you are opposed to what I wanted to do in an impulsive manner

My husband was astonished by this effect and seems to have realized how inconvenient she was.

Husband "It seems that you are wearing cloudy glasses and headphones when you are not taking medicine!"

Establish a room praying for Islamic tourists in front of the station at World Heritage Himeji Castle | NHK News

Out of Kawasaki City, 40% "Insufficient parenting support": Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

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Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications

Development cost of 100 million yen in Japan, 5 million yen if deep?: Nikkei Business Online

"When I talked to junior high and high school students when I made a homepage and made a website before I could do pixiv, I heard a reaction like listening to a war experiences note - Togetter

Three major companies competing against "LINE" To SMS function renewal | NHK News

Virtual currency Financial Services Agency rushes to consider restraining regulations | NHK News

Press release presentation: Starting offering "+ Message", a new service that evolved SMS functions | Notice | NTT DoCoMo

Three major mobile companies to rival LINE to start a new message service

"Three mobile companies not competing with LINE" Introduction of new message service "+ message" that can be sent and received by phone number May 9 - ITmedia NEWS

I made a binary editor! - Program Mogmog

Queries used for PostgreSQL SQL tuning and fault situation survey Summary - $ shibayu36-> blog;

Identity of a mysterious unmanned cart witnessed in Hangzhou city - China IT current situation

"YouTuber Hikakin ranked No. 1 among favorite celebrities favorite elementary school students," The eradication of TV variety variety for children "is big" The convincing power is outstanding - Togetter

Cloudflare is used for content distribution on cartoon piracy distribution site criticism gathers | Slad IT

Learn with the latest version webpack 4 introductory - How to Bundle Bootstrap - ICS MEDIA

[Corrected · added] Hatena bookmark IOS application address bar barrage vulnerability notice - Hatena bookmark development blog

async / await hell - Qiita

Nuxt.js and Firebase achieve SPA × SSR × PWA × serverless - DMM inside

A year from the Mastodon boom - Sana Nogami

Adult site is malware den; lie? Is it true? Kaspersky Official Blog

Six · Apartment announces the continuation of ShortNote service and business transfer to NOOT - Press Release | Six · Apartment - CMS software and services provided

News Release: Notice on New Color (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus | Notice | NTT DoCoMo

Notice concerning au, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus new color (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition | 2018 | KDDI CORPORATION

"SOFTBANK", iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition released | SOFTBANK CORP. | Group companies | Corporate · IR | SOFTBANK Group

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"Labyrinth of the World Tree X (Cross)" PV # 01 - YouTube

TV animation "Youth porcupa does not see the dream of a bunny girl senpai" Character different PV: Tomo Koga - YouTube

TV animation "Youth porcupa does not see the dream of a bunny girl senpai" Character different PV: Mai Sakurajima - YouTube

Ilya's sky, summer of UFO / Mizuhito Akiyama (Dengeki Bunko) - Kakuyom

"The day of the UFO worldwide on June 24th"
From that word, Naoyuki Asaba's "Summer of UFO" began.

The last day of summer vacation, the girl who embossed a metallic sphere in his wrist, who appeared before Asaba who entered the pool of school for the memories of the least, was called "Irano Kana" ... It was funny and painful, A nostalgic somewhere - Boy Meets Girl Story presenting a little "strange" modern stage now appears in Kakuyom.

Even you who do not know "the sky of Ilya", you, those who wept in that summer.
Touch the stories of the two people to be replayed.

Yori Horii "Let Ortega kill in front of you" "5 at the beginning is killing all the villagers" "Does Pappas Burn": Breakout Gimmick

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Football ZONE WEB / Football Zone Web (Football Zone Web) Football Zone Web / Football Zone Web

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Release of headphones for sports such as "WF-SP700N" which is compatible with noise canceling and drip proof performance | Press Release | Sony

【Sukiya】 "Sarah pork curry", hypoallergen "child curry" 4/18 (Wednesday) Sold from 9:00 in the morning! Sukiya

(PDF file)~ Atsutatsu beef tangled roughly "Dororo" and "Hot spring egg" are outstanding ~ "Cow Tuna Udon" on sale from April 17th!

(PDF file)Denny's Mango Desert Fresh Mango is also used for two whole stores Sunday only! Began sales on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

"Nisshin's Donbu and Rich All Umade Udon" (released on April 23) | Nissin Food Group

"Nissin Yaki soba U.F.O. Concentrated hot spicy sauce soba" (released on April 23) | Nissin Food Group

LOTTE × Beast Friends Campaign | Campaign | Family Mart

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