The Indian National Total Numbering System "Adha" has introduced a system to register 1.3 billion people's fingerprint, iris and face authentication

In India, a system that assigns unique numbers to all citizens to make it easier to identify specific individuals "Aadhaar (Adher) "Has been introduced. This is a system similar to "My Number" in Japan, and there are many cases that are required for receiving administrative services, purchasing mobile phones, or when poor people receive food distribution However, when registering it, it is necessary to take a face picture, fingerprints of all the fingers of the hands, register irises of both eyes, etc. There are also a few voices that are concerned about security of personal information And it seems.

'Big Brother' in India Requires Fingerprint Scans for Food, Phones and Finances - The New York Times

The ad hoc system began with registration in 2010, and as of July 2017, more than 90% of the 1.3 billion population and nearly 1.16 billion people registered and received an identification card of Adha Thing. In Japan, the possession rate of "My number card" is hardly improved even after introducing the My Number system, and the number of grants issued as of the end of August 2017 as of the end of August 2017 compared to the government's goal of "87 million copies at the end of March 2019" · Penetration rate for population is low at 9.6%, and personal identification by driver's license etc. is still more general, but in India personal confirmation using adher is spreading everywhere in society.

Even in Japan it is supposed to fill in my number at the time of filing the final tax return but in India it is essential to use administrative services such as filing a tax return form and an ad har number is already required in over 100 administrative services It has become indispensable thing. In addition, the provision of numbers is becoming indispensable for many services such as purchasing SIM cards, banking transactions, purchasing tickets online, etc. It is becoming a situation where it is difficult to do without living without living already .

The citizen's registration is an obligation but boasts an extraordinary penetration rate of 90% or more despite being not obligatory, but when registering it, shoot a face picture and collect fingerprints, and also scan the iris of both eyes and register Based on the need for it, there are also a lot of concerns that "It is not a citizen's surveillance".

When registering, visit government agencies, sitting in front of the camera to collect facial photos and iris data. At this time, there seems to be an error, and in that case it seems to be rearranged again in a row.

In addition, it is also one of the features of ad hoc registration that fingerprints of all the left and right fingers are collected.

Concern about ad harness "People's surveillance by the government" concerns the novel by British writer George Orwell1984Appears inbig BrotherIt is expressed in the same way. In the process Big Brother is a person at the top of the elite and shows the presence as a symbol of national surveillance along with a catch phrase "Big Brother watch over you" that was raised in the city. That model became a "dictator" with strong authority in the Soviet UnionJoseph StalinIt is also said to be.

In other words, there is concern that India's adversary is comparable to this big brother. Regarding the adher, it is registeredInformation leaksIt is also clear that it was in a state where you can get a lot of personal information just by searching on Google.

Entrepreneur Nantan Nirekani who was involved in building an ad hoc system says "It is like passing the expressway throughout the country," and states that "When the nation constructs digital public services as a platform, its surroundings We can innovate new innovation, "explains the effectiveness of ad hoc maintenance.

In addition, regarding the point that "monitoring by the government is done", the view that it is "over-reading too much" is also indicated. The reason is that there is no central organization that will collectively control information on the ad har system, rather it will not have a formal birth record before the introduction of ad har and it will not exist in this world There is also a view that advocates the significance of the existence of an adher who has led to the elimination of many people's problems.

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