A whale that sings an improvising and complicated song like jazz is reported

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Because the light is restricted underwater, visibility will be bad, but the sound can be heard far. there,Humpback whalesSome whales, such as, are known to communicate with their colleagues by singing. Also,Whale songThere was regularity and we knew that we would sing a common song in the group. But,University of WashingtonAccording to Professor Kate Stafford,Svalbard archipelagoInhabit the surrounding areaBow polar whaleHave sung different songs in the group and it is clear that the contents of the song has changed in a short time. According to Professor Stafford, "The singing of a polar bear has diversity at a level close to the improvisation of jazz."

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In the study is in the sea around SvalbardHydrophoneAnd analyzed the song of the polar whale, it was confirmed that the whales sang 184 songs in 3 years. Professor Stafford said that "polar beaks seem to have thousands of alphabets for communication," suggesting that communication of polar beques may be more variety than imagined I will.

Professor Stafford says "Humpback whale songs take about 20 to 30 minutes per song, but I know that they sing the same song throughout the season and share the same songs in the group, but the song of the polar bear is It is as short as 45 seconds to 2 minutes per song, it does not change songs with a short span of several hours to a few days and does not share the same songs in the group.Human we have no regularity It seems like I feel like it, "he says he does not know what communication intended by the polar whale is intended.

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Many mammals, including whales, use the same sound repeatedly to communicate to call friends, but it is unusual to emit a complex pattern of sound like a polar bear.

Professor Stafford says, "I do not know the population of the polar bear population that I survey, but I know that it will be singing all day when the time of November to April Perhaps the male is against the female I am thinking that he is singing as a courtship behavior to do, "he says, as a humpback whale sings during the breeding season, it sees that the polar beach sings for the same reason. In addition, it has been reported that there are 343 orbital polar bequests in the vicinity of the Svalbard archipelago in previous studies.

Professor Stafford says, "It is known that polar beaches are singing different songs, but details such as whether individual polar beaches sing their own songs throughout their lifetime or whether they change from season to season are unknown. We will continue to investigate the reasons why individuals are identified from voice data and who speaks for what. "

The appearance of the polar beach actually singing can be confirmed with the following movie.

The whales who love to sing in the dark - BBC News

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