Apple may scout Google's Artificial Intelligence (AI) development chief, possibly also greatly affecting Siri's upgrade

byWilliam Hook

John Giannandrea, famous as an expert on artificial intelligence (AI) development, served as Google's search and chief for AI related departments since February 2016. It is evident that Mr. Giannandrea abandoned his chief job at Google and got a key position in Apple machine learning and AI strategy.

Apple Hires Google's A.I. Chief - The New York Times

Apple Hires Google's Chief of Search and Artificial Intelligence - Mac Rumors

It was New York Times that Apple reported Giannandrea's scout. Mr. Giannandrea led Apple's "machine learning and AI strategy" from April 3, 2018, to one of 16 executives who can directly report to Apple's Tim Cook CEO, etc. It is going to become.

For Silicon Valley executives and analysts, technology companies that are increasingly demanding increasingly complex tasks in speech recognition assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana and image recognition, AI development Professionals are increasingly becoming important personnel.

The New York Times gets the contents of the e-mail that Cook sent to his employees and said, "We need to pour valuable things into our technology, with John being smarter and personalizing the computer It shares a thoughtful approach and commitment to keep in mind, "he says.


Apple has grown into a world-class large enterprise due to the iPhone's big hit, but in the technology industry it is believed that Siri, a voice recognition assistant on the iPhone, is lagging behind rival services. Meanwhile Giannandrea, welcomed by Apple, is a person who has focused on integrating AI with Google's key services, such as Internet search, Gmail, Google Assistant. Engineers with expertise in AI are not only Google and Apple, but also Silicon Valley as a whole drawer, indeed, Giannandrea, who was chief of AI development at Google,News that I resignedWhen it spread, Mr. Giannandrea seems to be "popular issue" quickly.

Although Apple has been taken so far a position to promote the people's privacy protection to use the devices and online services, this is "there is a possibility that the adverse elements" for the service built using a neural network and the New York Times. This is because researchers usually train systems using neural networks using huge amounts of digital data, sometimes customer data. However, Apple is going to integrate has been argued that "have developed a method that allows the training of these algorithms without compromising the privacy surface", while protecting the privacy surface of the customer their service and AI We are doing it.


As Siri, famous for Apple's AI related function, Apple hired Giannandrea at the time when the report just said "Apple is increasing the employment of Siri-related jobs", more and more Siri upgraded rumors are reality It can be said that it is taking on.

Apple's Siri-related employment record high, Siri's upgrade aim - GIGAZINE

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