Movie that visualized the transition of the number of subscribers of virtual YouTuber et al.

Kizuna eyeYaTeruyukiFictitious character "Virtual YouTuber" which carries video distribution etc. on YouTube has things that exceeded 1 million subscribers on channel and over 100 million times of total playback of video,Three-dimensionalizationThere are things to do and its popularity does not know where to stay. A movie that visualizes changes in YouTube's number of subscribers who can safely be said to be the number of fans of such Virtual YouTuber is on sale.

Video that expresses changes in the number of subscribers to virtual YouTubers with icons - YouTube

I created a movieIcon moving picture pavilion _IconVideosWhat I referred to is a virtual YouTuber summarized in ranking format "Virtual YouTuber ranking"If you have more than one YouTube channel, the data with the larger number of registrants is used.

The size of the displayed icon indicates the number of subscribers, showing 10, 100, 1000 from the left.

So, the movie started. Initially, the number of registered subscribers of small YouTuber Virtual Subscribers who have about 100 subscribers is shown. Although it started from March 2016 ... ...

Even at the end of 2017 the number can be counted with both hands.

However, since 2018 we have started to increase the number at once.

As of March 23, 2018, there are many virtual YouTubers with 100 subscribers of subscribers.

The transition of the number of channel subscribers of virtual YouTube, which has a relatively small number of subscribers, is going on indefinitely, but these are omitted. Let's see how the number of registered subscribers of virtual YouTube, which has a scale of around 100,000 people, changes.

Start from March 2015. What is already displayed is active overseasAmi YamatoIt is said that it is called the world's oldest character who started a virtual YouTuber-like activity.

Although only Ami Yamato is displayed for a while, in the beginning of 2017 a new virtual YouTuber was born.

In 2018, virtual YouTuber's channels are increasing ......

In March 2018, multiple virtual YouTubers appeared with 100,000 fans.

As of March 23, 2018, the channel scale is like this. Especially appeared in February 2018, the number of channel subscribers broke through 100,000 at a stretch in less than a month "Nodoomiya HinataI am surprised at the momentum.

Furthermore, the number of subscribers of the channel of "virtual YouTuber world top" who are more fans than these popular virtual YouTube, so to speak. As of March 2015, the channel has been established, there are also a certain number of subscribersMiriakariThe channel. However, the Mirai Akari Project started from the end of October 2017, and before that it was acting as "Anime Girls Eirene".

Kizunaai is born in December 2016. Correctly it means that you started posting movies from around here.

Get the number of subscribers who overwhelm the predecessors in a few months.

At the end of October 2017, transformed from anime daughter ireain to a maaryacari.

In December 2017, Kizunaai achieved the number of subscribers of 1 million. Other popular virtual YouTuber is born around here.

And as of March 23, 2018 it looks like this. Among the popular virtual YouTubers, I am surprised that there are only two people, Mr. Mariakari and Kizunaai, who have continued their activities on a steady path for over a year.

And lastly it shows the trend of the number of channel subscribers of Virtual YouTuber which appeared in the movie at once. Two large biggest head of Anime girls' irene and Ami Yamato with a certain scale as of March 2015.

Even after one year, the whole power figure is almost unchanged. You can see that the virtual YouTuber itself is rare.

In December 2016 Kizuna eye was born.

Kizunaai itself increases the number of fans in a stroke, but the number of virtual YouTube is so much, there are only popular channels to count with one hand.

In October 2017 animation daughter Eireen was renamed to Maiacari.

And in September 2017 several virtual YouTubers were born when Kizunaai achieved the number of subscribers of 1 million people ... ...

I will get popularity at once.

And in February 2018 the number of virtual YouTuber has exploded.

As of March 23rd, 2018, it is clear that this is the stage where there are so many virtual YouTubers in birth.

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