Apple moves Mac's CPU from Intel to in-house production, building a complete ecosystem of hardware and software

Bloomberg reports that it is considering changing from Intel CPU adopted by Apple for Mac to its own chip. The timing of switching from the Intel chip is expected to be 2020, and Apple seems to be progressing steadily with complete vertical integration modeling not only for smartphones but also for Mac.

Apple Plans to Use Its Own Chips in Macs From 2020, Replacing Intel - Bloomberg

According to the information Bloomberg got from the stakeholders, Apple's own development chip "Kalamata" project to replace the CPU made by Intel is underway. Although it seems that Kalamata is still in the early stages of the project, it is planned as a part of a big strategy to realize seamless operation like other iPhone / iPad and other Apple terminals.

As of 2018, only Apple Macs use third-party chips on Apple terminals. All other terminals adopt Apple's own development chip, and it is natural for Apple to make Mac as its own chips. By developing our own CPU, all hardware and software will be made by Apple, and will be the only manufacturer to offer all the hardware (processors) and software (OS) of PC. We will be able to quickly provide Apple's unique service that can not be imitated by other companies through vertical integration of hardware and software and it will be expected to be an advantage in competition with Microsoft's Windows PC and Google's Chromebook.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has already tested running iOS app on Mac, platform to integrate macOS and iOS "MaczipanIt is under development. Eventually, we plan to complete an Apple ecosystem that can seamlessly use Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV etc. by integrating macOS and iOS. It is a strategy to strongly enclose users by building a perfect ecosystem.

Since 2006, Intel has exclusively provided CPU for Mac. Qualcomm already has a CPU for Windows terminalSoC for ARM-based Windows terminalWhile it is nearing the launch, if you lose the CPU supply contract for Apple Mac, it will be a big blow for Intel. In response to Bloomberg's report, the stock price of Intel plummeted by about 9% at a time and has recorded the largest drop in the past two years.

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