Many graduate students turned out to tend to be mentally ill

"Nature"Examined the mental health status of graduate studentsthe studyIn response to the report, I posted the research announcement on Twitter. This resulted in a large number of replies synchronizing with the content of the posting, and it became clear that many graduate students tended to have mental health problems.

Time to talk about why so many postgrads have poor mental health

Nature, on March 26, 2018, "A doctorate in the world and a master's course student has 6 times more depression and anxiety than the general people, how can I do to help?" At the time of writing the article, more than 1800 retweets and more than 220 replies have been sent.

Mr. Raj replied in a tweet, "This is not a single issue," financial burden "," hostile academic meeting "" stress to do office work "" tough job market "" there is no proper career guidance " It is a problem that it is spreading in many ways, such as the fact that the results obtained in a short period of academic achievement are not in accord with each other. "Instead of graduate students getting degrees in a short period of time, many heavy stresses It is a problem that we will accept it.

Researcher Sarah Nathan said, "Even though we are almost immersed in research, etc. for almost 10 hours without almost taking a rest, it may be pointed out by someone such as" work is too little ". Also, it may be that the research policy decided by that person is being denied. "It is pointed out that the pressure from professors and researchers who are bosses may be stressful.

Doctoral researcher (postdoctoral fellow)Mr. Benjamin Tizze said that "fundamental reform is necessary" that it is necessary to reform or abolish the postgraduate and postdoctoral system ... ...

Researcher Catherine Shaw said that "The budget provided as working capital until the submission deadline is no longer intended for publication of papers in publications," and changes in the times are strong for graduate students Some pointed out that they were planting stress.

As shown in these opinions, the culture of science has problems and there is a reality that gives young researchers a strong stress. Furthermore, in the questionnaire conducted by Nature, it was also found that most of the researchers who acquired the doctoral degree are thinking about an out-of-school career. Nature seems to want to improve this situation, first of all it is that he gathers opinions on mental health problems and stress that graduate students have.

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