Experiment to let AI play games in 'dream'

byHenti Smith

We humans dream while sleeping, but the contents of dreams are rarely rambling and stupid things. In such a dream "masterpiece FPS game released to artificial intelligence in 1993"DOOM"Motherboard reports that the deep learning researchers are doing the experiment" to make it play ".

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Watch a Computer Learn to Play 'DOOM' Inside a Dream - Motherboard

"Learning the skills that lead to the real world in a dream and making use of it while you are awake" is an ideal idea to make effective use of the time you are sleeping. in the pastSleep learningThere was also a boom coming, but it is said that it is difficult to master various skills in a dream. However, research on whether or not human beings are capable of learning even at the time of sleep has been continued and I am working at the Bern University in SwitzerlandDaniel ErlachherDr.Lucid dreamI am sought to squat or throw darts in the state, and I am exploring whether the skill learned with clarity obsessed with the real world can be utilized.

While human dream research continues, it is almost clear that artificial intelligence, a computer program, can acquire skills in a dream. Be a researcher of deep learningDavid HaMr. orJugen Schmidt HuberMr. is introducing the masterpiece FPS game "DOOM" released in 1993A version that looks like in a dreamI have succeeded in making artificial intelligence play.

byBianca Smith

Ha et al. Set artificial intelligence to play "DOOM in Dream" first, the first one is a compressed version of the game environment based on the actual DOOM play screen, that is, poor quality sound And models to present images. The second is information for artificial intelligence to arbitrarily output probability distribution of "What happens in the next frame of the game situation" in a dream. Third is when the artificial intelligence "operated the controller in the dream", the model of the controller whose game changes accordingly. By combining the three elements, artificial intelligence recognizes the virtual hallucinative game world and plays DOOM in it, just as human beings are playing games in their dreams It will be possible.

You can access the demo page of 'Version looking like DOOM in your dream' created by Ha et al. To make it play on artificial intelligence from the following. The screen is blurred overall, and it is hard to understand what is going on in the game, but from this screen artificial intelligence plays DOOM and learning is done as much as possible so that it can play well .

DoomRNN Demo

The research team says, "The technique of letting artificial intelligence play an abstract game in a dream may make it possible to calculate complicated physical phenomena more rapidly", but only to artificial intelligence It seems that it is not an experiment that is done only for the purpose of letting the game play. However, even if a person plays a game in a dream, it is just a hallucination, and Motherboard summarizes that the possibility of usefulness in the real world is thin.

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