Glico's "Cafe au lait" drank "Mac shake × cafe au lait" scented coffee collaborated with Mac Shake

McDonald 's "Mac Shake" and Glico' s "Cafe Ole" collaborated Mac shake 's new flavor "Mac Shake × Cafe au lait"Has appeared as a limited-time menu from Wednesday, March 28, 2018. According to McDonald 's, the shake of the coffee flavor was about the menu for the first time in 11 years, so I tried to tell what it was like at McDonald' s.

Mac Shake × Cafe au lait

Mac Shake × Cafe Aulet (S) | Menu Information | McDonald's

That 's why I came to McDonald' s.

I will order Mac Shake × Cafe Aulet (S size: 120 yen including tax) at once. In addition, the price of M size is 200 yen including tax.

Shake and Shake arrived at the table without waiting for 1 to 2 minutes.

The height of the S size cup looks like this compared to the iPhone 7 with a long side of 138.3 mm. The design of the cup is a glyco drinkCafe au lait"I like the color and font.

On the back of the cup is written "Mac Shake" ... ...

Along with the speech ball of the word "camper", the character of the glyph's "cafe au lait" series "Miss · Cafe au lait"Is drawn. The speech lines are5 patternsI am looking forward to seeing what line it will be when ordering.

Taking a lid, the sweet scent like coffee milk. It is said that the material of Shake contains coffee syrup extracted by drip type, and the scent of coffee is mixed in sweet scent. In the brown shake, a white vanilla flavor shake was wrapping a white tuna in the center.

When mixing it and drinking it does not feel much bitterness peculiar to coffee thanks to the creaminess of vanilla, so even people who are not very good at bitter taste of coffee are likely to drink.

Because the shake is a liquid with a slightly higher viscosity as a drool, drinking with a straw needed to absorb with a little effort.

Mac shake × cafe au lait is available at the McDonald's shops nationwide except for some parts and can be ordered for a limited time until the end of April.

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