Fate 's devil father · word favorite favorite · rice bowl to eat marog tofu etc. Collaboration food which can be eaten at "AnimeJapan 2018"

One of the popular characters appearing in the Fate seriesIkko KonpeiSuch as Mu-tofu rice bowl simulating hot-melted spicy wine tofu, such as "AnimeJapan 2018I ate a collaborative food that appears in the food park. What collaborates with Food Park of AnimeJapan 2018 is "Osomatsu"Gintama"Bloodfront Front & BEYOND"Is the order a rabbit? What? ~ Dear My Sister ~""Touken Ranbu - Hanamaru -""Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]It is 6 pieces of work.

Food park | AnimeJapan 2018

The food park where you can eat the collaborative food is in the East 7 hole.

The menu looks something like this. Collaboration hood allows you to get 1 original coaster as a novelty of an animated piece that each collaborates when you order.

There is also a hot dog & rice ball set as a non-collaboration menu.

When ordering with Food Park, the waiting queue that is lined up depends on whether you order collaboration food or non-collaboration menu.

When you are in line, you will receive the following order sheet ......

Check the menu you want to purchase with a pen and check the cashier at the cash register.

When you finish billing, you get a voucher for the menu you ordered.

Take each chopstick, spoon, napkin from the table ... ...

We exchange menus and tickets at the exchange zone of each menu.

Disinfectant solution is also prepared around the standing table prepared in large quantity, so you can disinfect and wash your hands before you eat.

That's why I got the menu I ordered.

This is "Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]" in collaboration with the movie "Maenko Tofu Don bowl of words and words" (900 yen including tax). It is a menu that I ate that spicy mako tofu, which was eaten with the expression of Yeonpei beautiful delightfully even in the work of Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel].

When ordering the menu, the original coaster comes with this kind of feeling, you can get something that Makurugi cherry tree was drawn.

When opening the lid it looks like this. Because he went to Food Park with haste at 9:30 when AnimeJapan 2018 started, Mabo tofu don was served warm and fluffy.

When eating it actually, spices such as chili and pepper sauce were solidly working more than I had imagined, and it was a hemp tofu that was solid as hard as I thought it was a collaboration menu. The compatibility of fluffy tofu with spicy minced meat, and white rice is inevitable. If you are wondering which collaborative food you are going to eat, you want to infer this menu without hesitation unless you are not good at painful things.

This is "Blood Battle Front & BEYOND" collaboration "Jack & Rockets Cheese Burger Hellsarems Lot Special" (950 yen including tax).AnimeJapan 2016But to collaboration foodJack & Rockets Specialty Cheese BurgerThere was, but this "Blood Battle Front & BEYOND" Edition-like hamburger.

Original coaster that comes with this order.

When ordering a hamburger a special Jack & Rockets paper bag comes with a set as well. Since it is not provided by placing the hamburger in it, it is also possible to take it home while keeping it clean.

Hamburger is like this with two slices of cheddar cheese interspersed casually.

If you line up with iPhone 7 Plus like this. It is bigger than the fast food hamburger and it seems that there is a considerable eating habit.

Under the buns are two cheddar cheese ... ...

Huge Patty. Mabo tofu rice was served in warm condition, but hamburgers were provided at room temperature.

Actually eating, the buns are soft and the patties are soft, so the texture is lighter than I imagined. However, because the size is quite large, it is exceptional to eat, it can be said that it is a sense of volume appropriate for the price. It is hard to understand in the picture, but pickles are firmly picked under Patty, and the acidity of pickles refreshing in the mouth that makes it cheesy.

"Gintama" collaboration "Silver's wood sword Tyros" (600 yen including tax).

Having it in your hands like this. The silver black Tulos of Silver 's wooden sword style is wrapped in silver kimono - style wrapping paper.

The original coasters are like this and three people of a hundred thousand shops + a fixed spring is drawn.

When eating it actually, it is warm whether Tyros is fried or not, and the surface is perfect when you want to eat sweet and fluffy snacks during crispy face. It is cocoa powder sprinkled on the surface, it also flavors cinnamon so if you are not good at that peculiar scent, you may as well avoid avoiding orders.

In addition, I tried "Neat ball curry rice" of "Osomatsu-san" collaboration.

In the container to be provided, the six-quartz will slurry.

From medium-spicy uncommon in the curry to come out like a food court in the hotness of the more dry, the impression of about a little painful than Chukarashi of Java curry. Perhaps 150 to 200 g of rice is not so much, so it might be helpful for those who aim for the entire championship collaboration menu.

An original coaster that can get when ordering a menu is a kore.

There was also a sample of the collaboration menu on the food park.

"Continuing" Tenka Ranbu - Hana Yoru - "" Collaboration "" Toaru Honmaru Special Miso Ramen "

"Is your order a rabbit ?? ~ Dear My Sister ~" Collaboration "Rabbit house sandwich"

In addition to these collaborative foods, there are also several kitchen cars open, including tacos and crepes,lovelive! Sunshine !!CollaborationUrawa star girls' school kitchen carThere are also original collaboration drinks etc. by.

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