"The mass production of EV is not worth the price until 2020," BMW said

Automotive manufacturer BMW revealed the plan "There is no mass production of electric cars until 2020". The conditions for mass production are not in place and seems to be the reason that it is difficult to obtain profit.

BMW says electric car mass production not viable until 2020

BMW has already commercialized "i3" as an electric vehicle (EV) in 2013 and EV development know-how, along with Nissan to sell leaf and GM to sell Volt EV etc., is among the leading automakers, it is the first group I will. BMW plans to introduce vehicles that use electricity for power sources such as 25 kinds of EVs and hybrid cars to the market by 2025, by the year 2017, 12 plants will be a complete electric vehicle It was.

Harird Krueger, CEO of BMW, said that it is "not mass-producing EV until 2020" policy. For that reason, he says, "Because current technology can not raise profits sufficiently, it is not suitable for expanding the scale for mass production."

According to BMW, commercial vehicles such as EV's i 3 and hybrid car i 8 adopt the fourth-generation electric drive technology. Naturally, BMW is working on the development of the fifth generation electric driving technology, but according to Kruger CEO, the fifth generation seems to be developing with emphasis on giving cost competitiveness, Compared with 4 generations, the advantage of production cost is "two-digit number (tens of percent good)".

BMW is also working on the development of the 6 th generation electric drive technology of the 5 th generation earlier and said he is investing heavily in researching battery cells for mass production. Kruger said, "If you want to win the competitionsegmentWe have to be the most cost competitive and dominant among them. "It seems that it seems that the key to how to lower the manufacturing cost in the coming EV era is the key. If Kuwaaga's remarks are backwards, it seems that the fifth generation EV is expected to be mass-produced with cost competitiveness by 2020.

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