By analyzing DNA of ancient people, "How human beings have changed in a long history" is becoming apparent

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Regarding humanity in times when there are no records such as books and sentences, it was once being studied in archeology, but "How race and ethnicity changed,Genographic ProjectAs seen in the example of, now more than archeologyGeneticsMany things are being understood by.

Ancient DNA is Rewriting Human (and Neanderthal) History - The Atlantic

Geneticist David Reich analyzed the DNA samples extracted from the bone of the Neanderthals 40 thousand years ago found in the Croatian cave,The Neanderthals were mating with the human beings who lived in Europe at that timeIt became clear that it was. In addition, it turned out that East Asians inherited more DNA of Neanderthal people than modern Europeans, "After the Neanderthal people were destroyed, human beings mating with the Neanderthals went east of the Eurasian continent There is a high possibility that it has moved, "Reich says.


According to Mr. Reich's research, it seems that human beings living in Europe have been replaced from Neanderthal people to this world human beings from 41,000 years ago to 39,000 years ago. The oldest human beings found in Europe are said to be genetically unrelated to modern Europeans and are now considered to have been extinct.

Current EuropeanHunter gathererIt is said that the race leading to 37,000 years ago to 35,000 years ago, but after thatIce AgeIt is believed that many of the human beings who lived in Northern Europe made a major migration to the south and it is thought that humans relocated to Northern Europe again from Turkey, Greece, Spain, etc. at the end of the glacial age I will.

For example, it was discovered in England in 1903CheddermanIt is said that it is a bone of about 10,000 years ago and belongs to a race who moved from the southeast to the north of Europe. As a result of actually analyzing the DNA of Chedderman, I did not have white skin and blond hair, which are the features of modern northern Europeans, but it turned out to have blue eyes. In other words, the possibility that modern Northern Europeans are not a single race, but a mixture of different races who migrated to Northern Europe ten thousand years ago has increased.

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In addition, I also found that genetic immunity differences due to race had a major influence on the spread of each race. By analyzing and comparing DNA extracted from ancient human bones, we can see the crossing and the large migration of various human species long ago.

However, some of the things that Reich's studies found were part of the "Nazi Germany argued during World War II"Arian theoryIt is judged that there is a fear that it will be interpreted as overlapping with "Reich's breaking research. Especially in archaeological world, the research of archeology was distorted by Nazi · German propaganda and it was distorted and it was influenced that it was nervous as the theme of "transition of race / ethnicity" It is said that.

Reich says "Archeologists and linguists probably are irritated that our geneticists are not learning archeology terminology and ideas properly, but we think that DNA analysis of ancient human beings I am acquiring a powerful tool. " Furthermore, "Based on these research data, it was found that the difference in race was nothing more than born in the history of thousands of years at the most, all of them were crossed and repeatedly mixed, Reich should open mind to inter-racial breeding, "Reich says.

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