A guide that explains how the genitals of adolescent girls develop



The cosmetic surgery 'designer vagina' for female genital organs is expensive and is pointed out by experts as 'dangerous'. However, the operation called 'Labia plasticity' is actually performed, and according to a survey of the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, between 2015 and 2016, 200 girls under the age of 18 and over 15 and under the age of 15 More than 150 girls have received Labia Plastics in the United Kingdom. Charity ' Brook ' which supports sexual health & well-being under 25 years old writes down about 'how does female genital change in adolescence' as part of sex education in response to such a condition The guide has been published.

(PDF file) https://www.brook.org.uk/data/So_what_is_a_vulva_anyway_final_booklet.pdf

Girls' guide to what a 'normal' vulva looks like-BBC News

The booklet named 'So what is a vulva anyway?' Starts with a description of vulva (the vulva) itself. The vulva does not contain the anus or vagina, but refers to the clitoris or labia.

It is hard to understand because it is hard to understand because the vulva of others is hardly seen, but the shape of the vulva is different for each person, and it is difficult for the 'normal vulva' to decide something. Since the vulva seen in pornography is image-processed in Photoshop etc., if you rely on pornography, you will make a wrong image.

The size of clitoris also varies.

There are labia major and labia minora in the vulva to protect the vagina, but the labia minora is straight, wavy, or larger than the labia minora, and the variation varies depending on the person.

The development of pubic hair in adolescence is a sign of body growth. The negative hair also has large individual differences such as color and amount, and whether it is curled or straight. If you shave all the negative hair, the delicate parts will be revealed, and the way you feel about your body will change. There was also written about how to shave your pubic hair.

People don't say much about changes in the vulva in adolescence. According to Brooke, women with pubertal age have smaller labia minora and will develop when adolescence begins. At this time, it is said that not only the two lips develop at the same pace, but only one side may develop more.

If you find it difficult to consult with friends and parents, it is OK if you consult with a doctor, an insurance doctor, or a Brooke expert. If you consult with a specialist near you, you may receive such a guide or Internet information, but if you continue to have troubles, you may go to a counselor or a gynecologist who can be a professional in the vulva. And.

Regarding the surgery called Labia Plastic to reduce the size of the labia, this guide states that the shape of the vulva is different for each person and it is not necessary to make the labia smaller. However, it is recommended that those who are still concerned first go to a

general practitioner before considering Labia Plasticity. Basically, people under the age of 18 whose body is in development should not receive labia plasticity. Such operations are at risk of bleeding, infection, cell damage, and reduced genital sensitivity, which often results in unsatisfactory results.

“This educational resource will help young people to understand how their vulva develops, especially Louise Williams at University College Hospital, one of the guides. We believe that this guide helps girls to reassure girls that there are many shapes and sizes in Vagina, and that this will help those who are concerned about the look and feel of the vulva. I hope that they will know where to go if you need help. '

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