Wireless charging of the iPhone X / 8 becomes faster as the battery deteriorates more than when charging with the wire

iPhone XandiPhone 8/8 PlusAvailable inWireless charging functionIs a function that is more convenient than you imagine if you actually try using it, because you can charge the battery just by placing the terminal on the charging pad. However, when tested overseas by ZDNet, it is clear that wireless charging is faster than wired charging rather than battery charging.

iPhone X / 8: Wireless charging will wear out the battery faster than cable charging | ZDNet

According to Apple, the iPhone's battery is "It is designed to maintain up to 80% of the original capacity when repeating the full charge cycle 500 timesThat thing. As you can see from this sentence, the battery will be exhausted as you continue to use it. Of course there are batteries that can maintain more than 80% of their original capacity even if they repeat a full charge cycle of 500 times or more, and the iPhone 6 Plus of ZDNet reporter Adrian Kingsley Hughes Although it seems to be repeating a full charge cycle of 800 times or more, it still keeps 80% or more of the original capacity. However, since it is inevitable that the battery will be exhausted and its capacity will be lower than its original capacity, it is unavoidable that the more times you use the terminal, the more times the charge will be charged.

Hughes charged iPhone 8 Plus, which appeared in September 2017, over 90 times in 4 months until January 2018. In addition, I did a total charge of 135 times during the period until March 2018. If you continue the charging cycle of 135 times in 6 months, you will charge more than 450 times in 18 months of usage, and in 20th month the charge count will exceed 500 times. The Apple official says "It is designed to maintain up to 80% of the original capacity when repeating a full charge cycle 500 times", AppleCare + which is the warranty service of Apple terminalIf the storage capacity of the battery deteriorates to less than 80% of its original capacity, we will repair it free of chargeAs noted, over 500 charging cycles is a measure that "the battery capacity will be lower than the original 80% and the timing to replace will soon come."

Mr. Hughes said that he has used many iPhones so far, has continued efforts to fully charge the terminal every few days so that 500 charging cycles can be reached in 36 months (3 years) is. So why is the latest iPhone 8 Plus recording a high-speed charging cycle that requires charging more than 500 times in less than 2 years?

Hughes said this problem is in wireless charging. When charging with wires, power is supplied from the cable to the iPhone itself, so the load on the battery during charging is minimized, whereas in the case of wireless charging the power is used only for charging the battery , The iPhone main unit's power needs to be supplied from the battery, so it will result in a higher load on the battery. Hughes pointed out that this caused battery consumption to be faster and the charge cycle to be faster.

However, Mr. Hughes said that he was becoming a severely wireless charging user, accustomed to returning the iPhone to the wireless charger when he was not using the iPhone, charging the terminal more frequently than before I admit that I was.

Hughes, who noticed that the charging cycle became faster than ever before due to wireless charging, and that the battery was consumed at an overwhelmingly high speed, now it is switching to charge the iPhone to wire. Mr. Hughes says that he likes wireless charging and has multiple wireless charging pads, but he says, "I am worried that the battery will be garbage within two years."

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