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Published from May 5, 2018 (Saturday) "Digimon Adventure tri. Chapter 6 "Our Future"The 2nd PV of the "PV" was released. At last the final chapter of the series, Yamato, "We are already" chosen and children "I have no choice but to choose ourselves, no matter how painful they are their own future!" While summarizing the children, missing in the previous work You can see the reappearance of Taichi who became it and the appearance of omegamon wearing white feathers.

"Digimon Adventure trio" Chapter 6 "Our Future" 2nd announcement PV

© Akiyoshi Hongo · Toei animation

Screening is limited to 3 weeks. What is the form of the new adventure of 'Chosen Children' six years after the adventure of that summer?

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

How can I do "effective practice"? It explains from the brain's mechanism in an easy-to-understand manner this - GIGAZINE

Tesla completes a facility that solves the power of Hawaii and Kauai with a population of about 70,000 by sunlight alone - GIGAZINE

New animation list starting in the spring of 2017 - GIGAZINE

Obviously there are only bad effects when letting children do their homework - GIGAZINE

When teenage digital native generation experiences "Windows 95" for the first time it becomes like this - GIGAZINE

"Is it Bill · Gates but do you have any questions?" And the person himself appeared in reddit and responded to various questions - GIGAZINE

Piano "Magnetic Resonator Piano" which got a new tone that makes the string resonate with electromagnet - GIGAZINE

I have tasted the healthy hamburger steak and strawberry juice of Shizuoka's local restaurant "Sawayaka" - GIGAZINE

Cindy Rapper who was in trouble at the airport sings "Just Want To Have Fun" and quiets passenger's anger - GIGAZINE

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◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Discover cyclone group in Jupiter's Antarctic, lined in pentagon | National Geographic Japanese version site

Emperor Showa collected specimen, was a new species = marine organism "Tsurumo Mojiru" - University of Tokyo etc.: Current affairs dot com

New species of bearbill to apartment parking lot, wonder life force: science · IT: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

CNN.co.jp: NASA calls for "passenger" of solar explorer aim to enter the atmosphere

Human bones discovered on the island, female astronauts Possibility of Earhart High research results 2 pictures International news: AFPBB News

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Kinki treasurer officials responding to Mori matters suicide - Kyodo News

Male staff at Kinki Bureau of Finance responds with suicide or Morigomi's sale of state estates - Kyodo News

Staff of Kinki Bureau of Finance Bureau commit suicide or department in charge of negotiations with Morihito Gakuen: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Tanaka Ryosuke Journal | 【Moritomo · public document alteration】 A rewriting close-by-good staff member finds suicide "original" and wills

It is said that there was "original before tampering" and "will" in the national civil servant lodging house in Kobe that has become his home.

Mr. Akagi was regarded as one of "executing offenders" who were directly involved in document alteration of the problem, so to speak.

Respondents say that there is a resentment against the organization. There is information that it is written that "It is done from ●● (ordered to rewrite)" by boss's real name.

What is the approval document of Moriho Gakuen issue (in chronological order) | NHK News

Mori written document, background to the losing contract that disappears by item: Asahi Shimbun Digital

On the grounds transaction with the school corporation · Morihito Gakuen (Osaka city), the declaration document at the time of the contract of the Ministry of Finance and the contents of the documents disclosed to the Diet afterwards are different, the agreement for sale in 2016 In the document of the time, I found out that the item "history up to the loan agreement" which had been written over one page was all lost in subsequent documents. In this item, the circumstances of concluding a special contract under the approval of the Director General of the Finance Ministry of Finance was stated.

Keiman of alleged document alteration was disappeared from the Ministry of Finance | Politics | News | Nikko Gendai DIGITAL

Sagawa Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Nominates to Resign | NHK News

Sagawa Treasury Commissioner resigns to resign Mr. Morigoto suspicion of keyman suicide "Although it was seen several days ago ..." Kinki Treasury Bureau Shakedown Abe government collapsed (1/2) | AERA dot. (Aeradot)

Moritomo problem: President Sagawa National Tax Agency intends to resign Director General of Ministry of Finance Ministry of Finance - Mainichi Shimbun

Australian nurse with a heart attack, First aid by myself and one lifetime in nine pictures International news: AFPBB News

6,000 people died in diesel-powered nitrogen dioxide, German government report 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

Osaka prefectural police: four arrested on suspicion of attempted camouflage fraud of shogi piece - Mainichi Newspaper

CNN.co.jp: Mr. Hillary and Yuu Game, Published before Presidential Election Russian Crafts - (1/2)

CNN.co.jp: Safety concerns to resort areas in Mexico, US State Department is calling for self-control over travel

President Trump will intention to meet with Kim Chairperson Korean special envoy announced | NHK News

US-North Korea to the summit Mei Keun promises nuclear missile freeze: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Prime Minister "Results of Continuing Evaluating Pressure on North Korea's Change" | NHK News

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1 to 20% of the guidance for black dyeing "the hair of the ground hair" is the experience school regulation investigation: Asahi Newspaper Digital

"I thought that these people had brought about the current disaster" The last word of the physical education teacher who reached the retirement age this year is too severe - Togetter

"Limits already ..." Practice of hand crafting of housework, drastic priority: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Coin check leakage NEM, 40% sold in Dark Web Science: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

NEM outflow from coin check Questionnaire survey result announced (Masunori Kusunoki) - Individual - Yahoo! News

"Try watching an engineer spinning a program" Live coding · replay - every day constantly

Collect JavaScript errors that occurred in user's browser - Qiita

Twitter: Dema is 1.7 times more than the truth "RT" MIT survey - Mainichi Newspaper

Remote work stress | POSTD

About mob programming - diary of hitode 909

How to do Misoca's remote work 2018 | diary of toyoshi

Results of requesting disclosure of caller information of "anonymous diary" user - Results from Estonia Republic with love

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+ Ultra Moving logo - YouTube

TV anime "Ingles" official website

TV anime "Ingres" official website October 2018 Broadcast on Fuji TV "+ Ultra"

TV anime "Carol & Tuesday" Tiza PV - YouTube

TV anime "revisions Revisions" Tiza PV - YouTube

Taniguchi Goro × Fukami Shin × Minoka Naoko × White pair Individuality Creator members give advice, youth (hub nail) "disaster" (panic) group image (ensemble) that day seven years ago, she said. Someday a great crisis will come. It is only me that can protect everyone. Nobody believes in the prophecies, but I train everyday and I always keep my precious members. I received one mail from me and four of my friends so that I admit such a thing. so. At the time of prophecy, it finally came ... ...! Director Goro Taniguchi continues to attract world's animation fans such as the 36th Nebula Award (Animation Division) winning work "Planetes" and "Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion". Series composition · Screenplay is Fukami true of the "PSYCHO-PASS Psychopath" series which makes the character's everyday and darkness attractive. Character design draft is a soft texture to draw people precisely "Wake Up, Girls! "Naoki Okuoka. The animation production is in charge of the white group which produced many shaking movies such as "Eternal 0", "ALWAYS Sanchome no Sunset".

TV anime "Otaku to Koi is Difficult" Ending Theme halca "Next to You" Evil CM - YouTube

TV Animation "When I Revived After Slime" Tiza PV - YouTube

"Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Ai no Senshi" Chapter 5 Purgatory Hen Special Information (30 seconds ver.) - YouTube

"Liz and the blue bird" This announcement 60 seconds ver. - YouTube

TV animation "Kakuriyo no Kita" 2nd PV - YouTube

"PSYCHO-PASS Psychopath" Next Project Announcement Video - YouTube

Do you know a game called Fate / NextEncounter - Alone Internet Alumni Society - (3/6 postscript) - tratogumi blog

"OCTOPATH TRAVELER (Octopus Traveler)" Web CM Vol.1 - YouTube

There is no gap between ideal and reality when comparing ideal and reality by looking at "Lo Kan △" · Reality is amazing sometimes - Togetter

Mr. Suzuki pointed out the serious problem of copyright that the work would be killed just by the bereaved family gone - Togetter

Achievement brought by "unprecedented challenge" of 2ch master Satomi Kanana female stream five crowns

【Event】 From 3/13 "Thank you! Dream Party Solo Event" held! ! - Groove Coaster 3EX Dream Party (Arcade Version) GROOVE COASTER 3 EX DREAM PARTY

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Sumo Association: Retirement to the Great Sand Storm - Mainichi Newspapers

Painful news (No ∀ `): Yuko Ogura" Momotaro wants you to talk over without defeating the demon "on the net live doors blog

Masada Asa's final dream "On the mountain hunt and judge on wild boars ..." net noisy: sports broadcast

Italian Film Festival 2018 Official website: Asahi Shimbun Tequital

The latest Italian movie undisclosed in Japan
Screened in Tokyo and Osaka at once!

300 Yahoo employees choose "This movie is awesome!" - Yahoo! Movies

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Carbohydrates, purines, sweeteners, three zeros! "Strong Dry" joins the "Fastball game" series | Oenon Group

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