Two "miracle shots" taken at the same timing up to milliseconds without knowing the same lighthouse by two photographers

A photographer who shoots a landscape showing the natural power of "a huge wave striking a lighthouse and a big wave splash rising" posted the best shot in the shoot to the SNS pointed out "Is it plagiarism?" I received. A photographer who compares photos taken to prove their innocence with their own photos found out that the two pictures were totally different pictures taken at the same moment up to milliseconds.

How Two Photographers Unknowingly Shot the Same Millisecond in Time

PhotographerRon RismanWent to a park called "Great Island Common" in the state of New Jersey, USA on March 3, 2018 for photography. According to Risman, the Great Island Common seems to be the perfect park to look at the picnic in the summer and the sea in the winter.

Lismman, who decided to shoot the waves of waves in the winter storm, set Canon's 5D Mark IV on a tripod by combining Sigma's 150-600 mm lens. The wind was too strong to use a telephoto lens of this size, so it seems that the camera was set on the southeast side of a big tree to block the north wind.

Lismman, who awaited the camera at the definitive moment and awaited the camera, shut the shutter in accordance with the huge waves hammering on. When I got home and reviewed the photographs I picked up, I picked the best shot and uploaded it to Facebook, it seems that it was popular as many "good ideas" are attached.

After a while, Mr. Risman said "New England photographerEric JendronDid not you steal photos of 's photos? The comment pointed out that it was sent. The picture below is taken by Jendron. Although it is different in color, it looks like the same picture that cut out the same timing as Rithman's photo with the same composition.

Certainly it was Ritsuman who was puzzled by showing pictures that look like the same picture at the first glance but fortunately I have RAW image data of the pictures of the problem so I will prove that my photo is not plagiarism It was easy. Conversely, in order to verify whether there was a possibility that my photograph was stolen, Lisman decided to enlarge the picture and compare it.

The problem has already been talked about among Lisman 's local photographers, and it was pointed out that the composition of the two photos is slightly different. For example, in the comparison of the following enlarged pictures, you can see that the way the waves are obstructed by the lighthouse and how the iron fence overlaps is different.

Materials indicating that there are different pictures such as differences in composition etc. were out, but as Ruman says it is certain to compare the two original images, Mr. Risman contacted Mr. Jendron who is unknown and photographed each other We succeeded in sharing.

Using Photoshop, you can check how Lisman compares and verifies the two original images with the following movie.

Lightning in a Bottle. How Two Photographers Unknowingly Captured the Same Millisecond in Time. On Vimeo

Lithman, who received the original image, learned from Exif data that Jendron shot at a focal length of 600 mm and was using another camera 's Canon 60D. Although the exposure and the depth of field were set almost the same, it was also confirmed that the frame rate of the burst mode is slightly different. And it turned out from the Exif data that the shooting date and time are the same up to the millisecond unit. Lisman's intuition that it cut out the exact same moment was correct.

It was said that the place taken by Lisman and Jendron was about 28 meters away. It seems that Mr. Jendron shot from the side of the hut in measures against strong winds.

After all, it turned out that the two photographs were photographed by the same photographer accidentally from another place by two cameramen, but since the same subject was taken with exactly the same composition, either theft is suspected It seems that there were cases in the past as well. However, these cases occurred at special events like astronomical show, and there are many subjects with relatively little movement. The case of cutting out everyday and dynamic subjects such as "a wave spiral rising light" at exactly the same moment is extremely rare and seems to be a good level to say that it is a miraculous event.

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