I tried eating at McDonald's such as "Hamamasushi Ham Toratama" with a thick roast ham in "Haritama" of sweet Mac and "Macfizz Amour" using Ako produced in Fukuoka Prefecture

At McDonald's on March 7, 2018 (Wednesday), a sweet "teriyaki sauce" pork patty, a thick cut loose ham smoked with cherry chips, and a burger of fried egg "Exhibition Ham Toratama", But a carbonated drink using fruit from Ako produced in Fukuoka Prefecture"Macfizu flavor"When"Mack float swim"It appears together. I was eating at McDonald 's because I was concerned about the drink using Azaur as it used a thick - cut ham.

New appearance! Hamamasu Ham Toratari from Wednesday, March 7 | McDonald's Japan

McFi's Amearo (R) (1% fruit juice) | Menu information | McDonald's

McFloat Aomoru (R) (1% fruit juice) | Menu information | McDonald's

Arrived at McDonald's.

"Hatari" and "Cheese Taurimama" together with "Hamamasushi Ham Toratama" have also been launched, and in front of the shop a poster was posted as "Tarryaku Sasu".

We ordered "Hamamasu Ham Toritama" (450 yen including tax) and Macfizu Aomoru (250 yen including tax) in the new menu in about 4 minutes and then we have received McFloat Aomoru (310 yen including tax).

I will eat from "Hamamasushi Ham Toratama".

Looking at it from the side, ingredients such as ham and fried eggs are caught in between, and in particular, it can be seen that ham is huge enough to jump out of the buns.

Size is like this when compared with iPhone 7.

Mayonnaise is painted on the buns, the ingredients are lettuce and thick roast ham from the top ... ...

Fried ambience, and a pork patty painted with Teriyaki sauce are sandwiched.

When eating, the tasty sauce used for the pork patty where the taste of pork is felt is sweet, ginger and garlic are accentuating appetite. When chewing a thick roast ham, the scent of cherry chips spread along the mouth with salt, and I felt a strong presence. Purupuru 's fried eggs and Shakisaki lettuce add variations to the texture.

Next, I will drink "Macfizzuara" (250 yen including tax). It is a carbonated drink containing fruit juice of 1% using Fukuoka prefecture. It will be offered in a limited time cup of strawberry pattern design.

Refreshing drink that you can feel sweetness and sourness with strawberry scent when you drink it. I felt sour slightly more strongly than commercial strawberry juice.

Next I will drink "Mac Float Amoura" (310 yen including tax). "Macro float sweet" is the one that topped a soft cream to "Macfizu AmuOu", so the drink part is the same.

Because it is a soft cream on the float, you can eat like a dessert with a spoon-shaped straw accompanying it.

"Hamamasu Ham Toratama", "Mac Fizz Amourou" and "Mac Float Amourou" are on sale at McDonald's stores throughout the country. In the case of the value set "Hamamasu Ham Toritama" is 750 yen including tax. "Makufizua mao" can be ordered plus 30 yen for the value set price, McFloat Aomoru to the value set price plus 90 yen. Please note that the selling hours of each menu are from "Hamamasu Ham Toritama" and "McFloat Amoura" from 10:30 am until closing, "Macfizzmail" from opening to closing Please.

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