I tried "Giga Bacon Nariatama" which bacon protruding by the longest 20 cm in McDonald's history

Using the longest bacon ever in McDonald's historyGiga Bacon Holder", A new flavor of Shakashaka potato"Sakura Shrine"Macfizz & McFloat's"CherryNew menus such as "Appeared from Wednesday, March 8, 2017". I actually tried eating at McDonald 's to experience the eggs using Giga bacon of about 20 cm.

A product lineup that will become full of energy with the "longest in history" and "the first in history" in the spring "stratama"! The longest "Giga Bacon latrima" in Mac history The first morning Macintosh "Haritama Muffin" Shakashaka potato "Sakuraibashi" "Mac Fizz / Mac Float Cherries" also appeared! Limited sale from Wednesday, March 8

Arrived at McDonald's.

"Giga Bacon Rattamama" "Shakashaka potato Sakurabishibu" "McFisz cherrybo" "McFloat cherrybo" I bought.

Gaga bacon Tama, the collapsed bacon protrudes thick.

Between the buns, a Teriyaki patty, fried egg, giga bacon, lettuce and mayonnaise are sandwiched.

I decided to eat it at once.

Bacon in two piles is excellent in response to eating, the bacon's taste is intensified enough to overcome the strong taste source at the beginning. I feel the sweet feeling of eggs and the sweetness of a lily afterwards, but the presence of the longest giga bacon in McDonald's history remains firmly to the last.

Continue shakashaka potato cherry blossoms.

When opening the bag of Sakurabo shion, the scent of intense shrimp drifts.

Put the potato and cherry shrimp powder in a paper bag and shake it.

It has a rich taste and flavor, and you can feel the fragrant scent like potatoes from potatoes. There is also an ehobi umami, it seems to be good for liquor's snacks. However, as its name suggests, it is "Ebihio" so it will be very salty if it is cooked in potatoes shaken with salt. It might be a little tough to complete without drinks.

The last is Macfiz cherries and Mac float cherries.

The drinks themselves are the same, and you can see that it contains cherry flavored flavors like drinks and drinks. Sweet soda is refreshing cherries, it is a drink that can feel the springness.

Because it is a soft cream that is on the float, if you eat it with a spoon it will be like dessert.

The price of "Giga Bacon Noritama" is 420 yen separately, "Shaka Shaka potato Sakura Shigeru" is plus 30 yen for potato price. "Makufizu cherrybo" is 250 yen, "McFloat cherry" is 310 yen. All prices are tax included.

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