Can Google's quantum processor "Bristlecone" show quantum transcendence?

Google's new quantum processor "Monday, March 5, 2018"BristleconeWe announced. Processors for general computers have "0" and "1" states as 1 bit, but Bristlecone has 72 bits of "superposition state" qubit with "0" and "1" information at the same time It is mounted. According to Google, using this processor will enable "quantum transcendence" to show that computational processing beyond the limits of traditional computers will be possible with quantum computers.

Research Blog: A Preview of Bristlecone, Google's New Quantum Processor

One of the goals that Google is aiming for is "realization of quantum computer". Instead of having "0" and "1" in a quantum computer at the same time, there is no way to accurately observe the state of the qubit, and it is necessary to prepare a qubit to see the state of the qubit There is "and it is. Therefore, in order to realize a simulation exceeding that of a conventional supercomputer, it is necessary to prepare a large amount of quantum bits and furthermore it is necessary to lower the error rate of quantum bits in calculation processing and so on.

"Bristlecone" aims to provide a testing platform for measuring the error rate and performance of qubits, and it is said to be suitable for applications such as quantum simulation and machine learning.

Google has measured the error rate of the qubit before, and it shows that it is 1% in reading, 0.1% in single quantum bit and 0.6% in 2 qubits in logic operation using quantum gate . Bristlecone adopts the same processing method for reading processing and logical operation processing, and it carries 72 quantum bits. In order to show quantum transcendence49 quantum bits are requiredHowever, in the background of choosing Bristlecone with 72 qubits, it may be that scalability is ensured in case of facing various technical problems in the future.

Google confidently conveys that Bristlecone will lead to the realization of large-scale quantum computers and quantum transcendence. However, in order to realize these, it says that it is necessary to deepen cooperation with software and control electronics, etc. It is said that we will continue to develop carefully in the future.

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