Ride sharing services such as Uber are causing causes of traffic congestion


UberYaLyftParticipate in a car with multiple people such asRide sharingWhat we are presenting as a future promised by the service is "to relieve traffic jams in urban areas". However, it is reported that the existence of these ride sharing services has caused customers to separate themselves from public transportation such as buses and subways, and conversely it is reported to be a factor of increasing congestion.

Studies are increasingly clear: Uber, Lyft congest cities - The Denver Post

Uber spokesperson Alix Anfang said, "Uber's long-term goal is to eliminate reliance on private owned cars and to combine public transportation with Uber's dispatch service," Uber and Lyft It is pointed out that ride sharing companies such as the one who originally robbed people moving by subway, bus, bicycle and so on.

North Eastern UniversityProfessor Christo Wilson of Computer Science said, "What Uber needs to think new is increasing traffic congestion due to ride sharing."

A questionnaire survey was conducted on passengers of 944 ride sharing services for 4 weeks in the Boston area in the latter half of 2017, "What should I do if the dispatch application such as Uber or Lyft could not be used?" Approximately 60% of respondents answered that they would not go out in the first place. Alison Felix, one of the authors of this report, says, "Most passengers do not use ride sharing services to connect public transportation and are not complementary to public transportation." I am talking.


Also, in a survey conducted in San Francisco in June, 2017, we know that weekday ride sharing services were more than 170,000 times, about twelve times the taxi usage. And the destination is often concentrated in the most congested area, there seem to be a case where traffic congestion becomes more serious.

ByDoug Waldron

In a questionnaire survey conducted on more than 4000 adults in October 2017 in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Washington DC 49% ~ 61% people dispatched when going out When services can not be used, it is also clear that they answered "not going out" despite having options such as walking, bicycles, and transportation.

Professor Wilson said, "Uber's new service" Express Pool "has appeared but it is really cheap and can ride for around a few dollars (hundreds of yen) When such a service comes in, public transportation We will rapidly eliminate the option of using it, you should not choose to use a bus that bothers a lot to barge, "he says.

However, according to a survey conducted in London, although it is understood that traffic congestion is increasing, when reports of the causes of traffic congestion are investigated, it is reported that it was caused by an increase in the number of road constructions, and the ride share such as Uber We do not seem to have reached the conclusion that ring service creates congestion.

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