Uber is testing a system that "charges down instead of killing the user's ride time"


Uber who manages the dispatch service in the urban area flexibly changes the usage fee according to the time and the time zone, and "Users who use frequently take a slightly higher priceIt has turned out that there are cases such as "There is a case." It was reported that the Uber tested the option of "lowering the usage fee instead of waiting for the customer a little longer".

Uber is experimenting with letting riders wait longer for a cheaper fare - Quartz

Screenshots Tweeted by Uber employees revealed that Uber is testing new pricing options. The screenshot shows "If you make Uber's request at 17 o'clock, the price will be cheaper than requesting it now (at 16:56)" and will now call Uber $ 10, 18 cents 1100 yen) or an option to pay 8 dollars 15 cents (about 900 yen) by calling Uber at 17 o'clock waiting for a few minutes is shown.

The relevant tweet has been deleted soon but Uber is experimentally offering a new price option to San Francisco and Los Angeles employees to test if the new pricing option is valid Thing. "Users may choose vehicles to use for cheaper ride, we are testing for options to lower rates instead of slowing down the available time," Uber spokesperson said It is.

Because Uber's pricing structure changes very fluidly depending on the location and time of use, it may be gained or lost by a slight time gap like the market. Since 2016 Uber has adopted "advance payment of fee" system in some cities, further said the fee structure is complicated.

Dissatisfaction of drivers has accumulated due to deterioration of labor market and fuel price rise, Uber has raised the usage fee in some cities in the United States. Uber does not want to miss out on users due to its high pricing setting offers a cheaper usage fee to users in various ways and is planning to secure a lot of users.uberPoolIn the ride sharing system that matches passengers heading in the same direction, it offers a cheaper price by joining in the same vehicle.

Uber further developed the uberPool,Express PoolWe have also begun offering the service. The Express Pool restricts the boarding and departing place to "a place that is easy to get on, easy to get down", so that you can lower the fee instead of asking the user to pay a little labor.


Uber may have the question of "Is Uber okay if you make the price cheaper by just a few minutes of using it?" Uber is in 2017 alone in 600 cities worldwideIt was used 400 million timesIt has become a huge service, and it will be possible for smoother operation by shifting demand even in just a few minutes. Uber does not answer the question as to how much the charge is expected to be cheap instead of waiting time increase.

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