Scientists point out that "perfectionism" is dangerous

ByVasiliy Efimenko

"perfectionismPeople are likely to be perceived as "people who can do jobs with" Perfect Man "who performs everything with 100% quality." However, when examining a large number of research findings, it is reported that perfectionists are at high risk of developing mental illness, and researchers say that "perfectionism is the mental disease" There is also. Why is it perceived as "perfectionism = psychiatric disorder"BBCIt reports.

BBC - Future - The dangerous downsides of perfectionism

Bath UniversityThomas Karan's research team announced(PDF file)paperSo, the results of investigating how people with perfection tendencies are changing for American, British, Canadian college students (total of 41 641) from 1989 to 2016 published It has been. According to the survey, compared with the students in 1989, in 2016, about 55% of students found a tendency toward perfectionism.

It is also pointed out that "Two out of five young people are perfectionist"University of West VirginiaMr. Katie Rasmussen. Regardless of age, perfectionists are "depressed", "anxiety", "self-injurious act"Social anxiety disorder"Agoraphobia"Obsessive-compulsive disorder"Eating disorder"Post traumatic stress disorder"" Chronic fatigue "" Insomnia "" Dyspepsia "" Chronic headache "etc. may be caused. Even more problematic is that once a perfectionist experiences a setback, the likelihood of suicide increases. For this reason, it is pointed out that it is not desirable to increase the number of perfectionist, but it will lead to destruction of self.

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Mr. Sarah Egan, of the University of Curtin, says that perfectionism is perceived as positive positively from the perfectionists, with a high motivation towards the goal, and furthermore is not impossible beyond a certainty "Sound perfectionism It is due to existence of "people".

On the other hand, "unhealthy perfectionists" often do not satisfy the content even if they do their best. Also, if you can not achieve your goal, it tends to get frustrating. Targeted over 1,000 Chinese students(PDF file)the studyStudents who evaluated on leadership and various other measures to be "talented" are "healthy perfectionism", while the overwhelming majority of students in the "not talented" group are "unhealthy perfection It is shown that the tendency to be "principle" is strong.

Andrew Hill of York St. John University conducted an experiment to make a group of perfectionist and a group not so and to give the students the time to study beforehand and to take the exam. The exam question was intentionally presented differently from what was explained beforehand, and a work was done that no one can take good points. As a result, it turned out that the group of perfectionists felt stronger misfortune. Furthermore, it was confirmed that there was no big difference between the contents of what the group of perfectionists and the group of others did not study, and that it was also confirmed that there was no change in the amount of effort of perfectionists and those who did not Thing. "When a perfectionist fails, it tends to be emotional, it tends to be severe, and with a sense of intense guilt, I feel more shame than necessary," Hill says.

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World Health Organization (WHO)According to a record number of young people experiencing psychiatric disorders, "suicidal thought" wishing for depression, anxiety and vague death has become common in 2008. And the possibility that the tendency of perfectionism will cause these diseases is predicted. Mr. Hill says "The most powerful means to anxiety and depression is" to make it easy for you ", which is the most lacking of perfectionists."

Mr. Bert Sonens of Ghent Universitythe studyIt shows that when you make a response that makes a child feel a guilt feeling when making a mistake, it shows that the tendency to make that child a perfectionist increases, and it is highly likely that depression will develop is showing. Mr. Karan says, "It is important to have a loving affair with children rather than strict contact."

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