Since when was the habit of "brushing teeth with toothpaste" became part of our lives?


When we brush our teeth, we add "toothpaste" to the toothbrush as usual. Although it is seldom to worry about in my daily life "I started to polish my teeth with toothpaste?", It is described in Capital & amp; Growth about such unknown "history of toothpaste" I will.

The Story of Toothpaste. How It Became a Mainstream Product - Capital & Growth

I wrote about the history of toothpaste in the United States,Pulitzer PrizeA former New York Times reporter who also won the awardCharles DuiggMr. Mr. Duigg's book "The power of habitsIs a book that points out that our daily actions are never conscious and only unconsciously carry out habitualized actions.

Mr. Duigg points out an example of Eugene Pooley, an example in which unconscious customs regulate human behavior, which has prevented the brain's short-term memory from being retained by the after effects of encephalitis surgery. Mr. Paulie who lost short-term memory in surgery in 1971 did not remember the events of the past since 1960, and did not know the place of their children and kitchen. Mr. Paulie will take a walk with his wife on the same course everyday after surgery. One day Paulie disappeared and although the family was very worried, Mr. Paulie came back home after 15 minutes without anything. Mr. Paulie, who should have lost its short-term memory, walked his usual walking course without help from his wife.

Mr. Paulie remembered what the walk course was like to start after having been unable to hold a new memory. This shows that human memory and habits are stored in different places in the brain, and it turns out that human beings take action regardless of their memory or intention.

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It was the first time to pay attention to the point that "moving people is not intention, but a habit" and used it for businessClaude HopkinsMr. Mr. Hopkins said "Principles of advertising marketing 21It is a person who should also be said to be a master of advertising marketing, leaving a work such as " Early in the 20th century, Mr. Hopkins was already a major breakfast ceremony "Quaker Oats Company"I put on a name in the business world, but the promotional phrase that I used it for PR for breakfast cereal" If you eat cereal for breakfast you get the power for one day ". There was no scientific underpinning in this word, but people at the time began to eat cereal all together, and one day the custom of eating cereals for breakfast came to the United States.

At that time, the federal government declared a national security risk to the poor dental hygiene situation found in the recruitment inspection by recruitment of the World War I, with little practice of teeth polishing practice in the United States About In such a case, Mr. Hopkins' old friend said that "I can sell this toothpaste" as a trading company, the American toothpaste companyPeposodentGoods of. Mr. Hopkins, who took over the PR in this story, said, "Since associating products that you want to PR to people's customs creates a big business opportunity," he says, "It is effective to plant people's tooth brushing habits I bothered my head on the idea of ​​a propaganda phrase.


At one point, Mr. Hopkins looks at his teeth with his tongue and finds a gritty feel. "Membrane" that creates this gritty feeling is formed naturally as long as you are sending your daily life, and you can peel off if you eat apples or rinse mouth vigorously. However, Mr. Hopkins believes that this "membrane" is a propaganda, "Everyone, please trace your teeth with your tongue, you will know the presence of rough membranes.The membrane shows your teeth dirty and rots I've PR peposodent with the word "Remove membranes with Peposodent, a way to remove membranes that millions have already practiced!"

Pepsodent's PR, developed with an image illustration with white and beautiful teeth spread quickly, and the percentage of "people who tooth brushing" who was just 7 percent increased to 65 percent in 10 years. Many Americans thought that if they brush their teeth with Peposodent every day, they would get white and clean teeth, and made tooth brushing using toothpaste a habit.

People who saw Peposodent's propaganda complain that everyone unintentionally traced their teeth with their tongue and noticed the presence of the membrane. Immediately after that I learned that "I can remove the membrane of teeth with Peposodent", I jumped to the idea of ​​"I have to brush my teeth with Peposodent!" Actually, in order to remove the membrane, there was no problem if it was not Peposodent, there was no scientific basis, but Mr. Hopkins succeeded in planting tooth brushing habits throughout the United States. The reason that the custom of brushing teeth in the United States spread was a propaganda complicated by one businessman.

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